10 comments on “Ilias Kasidiaris Released Today!

  1. This is great. The system isn’t even that strong, it relies primarily on an advantage in numbers and use of all dishonest tactics once the honest ones run out. Once nationalists have the opportunity to defend themselves or are investigated properly, they’re seen to be much more clean and caring for the people than the average leftist or even neo-con out there.

    On another note, how is the trial undergoing? Is it going in secret, since I remember GD asking it to be televised (which they obviously didn’t allow)? How much has the press covered it? Any news on the developments since it started?

  2. Congratulations! A light moment in the continuing fraudulent criminal prosecution of a legitimately elected political party. Hopefully release from prison will also ultimately result in a finding of acquittal and factual innocence from phoney charges.

  3. Kasidiaris is a warrior. He is much needed at this time in Greece. It is positive that they ruled the ‘legal weight’ against him was too weak to justify further detention. Golden Dawn will shrug off these yellow press LIES and corrupt judicial charges to ascend to power!

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