21 comments on “Happening Now: Televised Terrorism To Force Yes Vote.

  1. This is more proof that Democracy doesn’t work. The masses don’t vote based on logic, rational thinking, and long term planning, they vote based on emotions, feelings, and immediate needs and are therefore easily vulnerable to outside manipulation. RT is now reporting that the “Yes” vote has now surpassed the “No”s in opinion polls since the Banks were closed on Monday:


    If Greeks vote “Yes” it would be a disaster.

  2. The EU is…….dead. ……. Get rid of the EU and bring back everyone’s sovereignty. That way, everyone will work out their own problems and also their social problems too. The corrupt EU & Government is dismantling, demoralizing and debauching society through media, education and propaganda, but always being done in careful increments, targeting carefully and slowly; this is being done on purpose to the Greeks.
    Greeks stand your ground and vote NO! And regain your country and your pride..

    • War and Media Disinformation
      from the bilderberg group and 4th Reich institutions
      to the local puppets.

      The mainstream media can no longer be trusted. They have proven time and time again to be nothing but propaganda outlets …………………
      The only way we can stop this flow of deadly disinformation is with the truth.!!!!!!!!

      “Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.”- George Orwell.

  3. The media has done damage on the people here (i am in Greece right now) and many now -after several days of media brainwashing- believe it is in their interest to vote YES in favor of a new Memorandum.

  4. @ polmarkarch – Please stop with the juvenile idiotic truthertard “4th Reich” and bilderberg bullshit. That kind of Alex Jones crap is strictly for little kiddies with absolutely no grip on HISTORICAL REALITY! It most certainly does not belong on a serious site dealing with very serious & REAL issues. Grow up quickly or take that shit back to enchilada eating land where the sub70 IQ mob will lap it up.

    Mods please consider editing out or disallowing these crappy trollish time-wasting comments from now on. This is the second “4th Reich” comment in the last few days so quite likely from the same troll.

    • I see only True.retardSouth presently.
      My comments are trustworthy and scientifically bibliographically proved.
      I rarely follow Alex Jones. Most of the time i read and study books.
      Books that global zionism in most cases is seeking to censor.
      I definitely wish from your behalf do the same.
      It’s up to your intellect.

      • global zionism? I’m afraid you dont read much. Zionism started in the 1800’s, kikes have been kicked out over 109 countries, cities, towns and villages. Its never the bilderbergs, or rotheschild or nwo or aliens, its the fucking kikes.

        For more information see openbordersforisrael.

  5. Looks like my prediction will come true. Greeks will vote yes. Syriza will be ousted and a new right-wing plutocratic pro-EU party will come to power and that will be the end. And the GD had so much potential in the begining of all of this. How sad. But I still hope I’m proven wrong come election time.

  6. Golden Dawn should counter the comments that they make. Do a campaign against it.
    Say what did we win in being in the EU?

    I agree with Bobby if it turns out a yes it was based on immediate needs.

    Greece has to create her own economy she is not sufficient.

    Ways to do it is-

    1. For the government to give out low cost loans only to create businesses on the condition
    they hire. Some will fail some will succeed though.

    2. Prevent greeks from leaving for abroad not by force of course.

    3. Have fleamarkets where people can sell. The government can charge a little bit of a rent to.

    4. Have festivals and people can sell their memento merchandise of it as well there.

    5. Greece needs a government owned travel channel for greeks where hotels ,restaurants,

    etc can advertise on the channel to the government . It will show archeological sights,

    tourist sights. The government needs to shake up greece bring some excitement to her

    give a reason for greeks to travel all over greece and to invest in her.

    • While all of these things are true, Golden Dawn must come to power first. I fear that the Greeks are too stupid to vote for them. All the legal profession on top government officials will have to dangle from ropes.

  7. The archbishop has betrayed Orthodoxy. Think, Patriarch Kirill in Russia would NEVER support a yes vote. This man will be punished by God for betraying the Greek people to the ATHEISTIC EUSSR!

  8. What a truly ugly spectacle this whole sorry business has been. Europe’s most powerful leaders in a relentless drawn out struggle to impose their will over a small member state while they try to maintain the appearance of legitimacy . This has exposed the real nature of the EU project and the priority that is placed upon crushing all who stand in the way of ever closer union.

  9. Greece should vote No!!. Print the Drachma, and elect Michaloliakos as the leader of Greece. The illegals need to be gently removed from the country, and the country rebuilt by and on national pride. A national agenda needs to be developed especially in the department of Greek births and families. Greece then needs to be developed by Greeks for themselves. Greek people should NEVER!!! pay taxes on their homes. The country should be looked after like its a garden, a Greek garden!!
    Such are my ideals. However my father who is 78 now believes in this euocratic system. He believes in the euro in America in Britan. And of course in Canada. I on the other hand see things differently. I see the hard road to independence and freedom to be the right road. No debts no borrow money to make a job. My father feels that the immigrants can not be removed from Greece. He says the Geneva conventions don’t allow it. That the human rights don’t allow it. I watched my town in Brandon Manitoba Canada change colour over night. It was hard on us locals in a small white protestant and Indian farming city. I don’t know much but, if they did the population exchange between Greece and Turkey then they can remove nicely illegal immigrants. My dad says No they cant and they wont.
    So I can see the division in the Greek mentality first hand.
    There exists this group of Ragingly proud Nationalist who would be happy with a clean Greece and no lights, and every good Greek day to work towards better, kids, wife and every one working the village together Greek style.
    Then there exists a group of people who are the type to keep talking as if there simply waiting in line at the bank for there next cheque or loan. The type who believe there is no soloution without big business. These same people believe that Greece Needs friends the one the next and the other.
    Greece needs a leader. And when I phoned my dad in England and said Dad ” they cant kick Greece out of Europe” Europe is a daughter to Greece. And my Dad laughed and said “yes you are right Europe is Greek”. I wanted to phone the Maximos palace and tell them that, I wanted to tell the world that in that moment. Then two days later Mr. sir and in my mind supreme Michaloliakos went to parliament and told them just that!!! well way out here in the praries I was screaming in happiness and laughter and crying while I watched with amazement. And so. Greece needs to not only vote no and elect a real man AKA KYRIO MICHALOLOIAKOS Greece also needs to remember that she more then any country in the continent of Europe, is capable of founding the very Dogma and spirit in which Europe is Governed. Greece is a leader and is not to be lead. And for that very reason if Greece votes No!!! and stands up to the challenge of National sovernty KYRIAKYA, Then the others will follow, In which case WE WILL LEAD THEM!! Lead them without even to look back.

    p.s print the Drachma I always loved it!!

  10. And I wanted to say for the sake of support Mr.MIhaloliakos your speech in regards to Greece being a boulder with thousands of years of honour.
    Excellent. A Completely excellent speech. I know those works shook even the dead.
    It was moving and excellent. Real power, in real words.

  11. ok last post for today I have to say though I rarely or never in 10= 15 years post or write on the internet. my last thought of the day is. Because Greek peoples tend to be true craftsmen and workers, real managers and most definitely and proudly the Agrotes/agricultural workers. And because Greece should have seen enough trickery by now. Could we not do something totally beautifull and real and print the Drachma in real pure silver coins. And pure copper cheap ones. Wouldn’t that be just awesome the world over. I think it would increase tourism. People would be excited to trade in silver and copper money. All done up with the Greek gods and that.
    Silver Drachmas? real money for real people who provide real work and the best products.

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