43 comments on “Jews Furious About Greeks Being Allowed To Vote on Bailout!

  1. I hate democracy, but I most certainly do not appreciate some filthy international Jew telling Greeks (of all people) what democracy should look like.

    Let’s see what happens when the Jews stop having children in Israel, and the Arab population continues to explode. Let’s see how much they love democracy when all their voting power goes to non-Jews who are also hostile to Zionism.

  2. A news made me wonder. After all, aren’t the Greeks better off if they vote “yes”, thus bringing down the Tsipras government and delaying the vote of Tuesday, 7th of July, 2015, granting citizenship to Greece-born niglets and asians, with retroactive effect for 100,000 of them?
    As the Hungarian Premier recently said, once you pretend foreigners are like you, it is “once and for all”, you are doomed like Babel or like today’s France.
    On the other hand, the desmise of the Euro can wait.

    • The question right now is whether or not Greece wants to accept the inhumane measures being imposed by the EU; to which the only reasonable answer is a resounding “no”.

  3. I’m trying kid by kid to help these poor little brainwashed Greek youth understand the impact liberalism and the communist mindset does to a civilization. There lost in booze and yayas pampering. Not this Spartan. Long live the nationalist parties all across Europe. I wish I could be in Greece to support the party for the Greek sovereignty.

    Long live the Golden Dawn!!!


    • O theos na sou xarizi xara, igia, eftixia ke evimeria filtate Chris.
      Veeeeeeery long live the GOLDEN DAWN.
      Very long live the one and only hope for Greece.

  4. Some Jews such as Joseph Stiglitz called on Greek citizens to vote NO on this referendum. This particular Ashkenazi Jew Feldman is just too arrogant and too evil.

    • You are a very good example of why Jews run circles around “American Intellectuals” and get you to think, “hey, some Jews are ok” while they shove the knife deeper in your back.

      This article is not speaking about that Greeks should vote yes on the memorandum. It is speaking about how there shouldnt have been a referendum in the first place, something which all Jews involved international capital markets agree on for the simple reason that it is negatively effecting their speculation business.

      This article is written in the typical east coast Jew style and is Cryptic. American gentiles like you are incapable of deciphering what the real message is of this bloomberg article.

      It is basically complaining that Tsipras went against the original plan they wanted in order to try and save his own political career. Other Syriza officials were even reported to have tried to get him to cancel such a vote from taking place at all.

      • As we move closer to the 5 July referendum, it becomes clearer every day…………………………….
        Brussels, Washington and Berlin are waging an open “class war” against Greece, because the Greek people, the citizens of a sovereign country – the first democracy in Europe, the country that gave Europe her name – these people have had the audacity to democratically elect a socialist government. Now they have to suffer. They do not conform to the self-imposed rules of the neoliberal empire of unrestricted globalized privatization of public services and public properties from which the elite is maximizing profits – for themselves, of course – it is outright theft of public property.

        Madame Lagarde, the heartless Iron Lady of the IMF, keeps referring to the Greek government as ‘children’. She keeps asking to talk to ‘adults’ – inferring that what Greece suggests and proposes as an alternative to the killer plan of the troika is mere child’s talk. – What an abject arrogance. !!!!!!!!!!


      • “You are a very good example of why Jews run circles around “American Intellectuals” and get you to think, “hey, some Jews are ok” while they shove the knife deeper in your back.”

        Are Messianic Jews an exception?

        Israeli Jew – Rabbi’s son accepts Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah

      • “Why would they be an exception?”

        Do you think Messianic Jews like the man in the video, would stab you in the back?

      • What does the theology of a specific sect of Jews have to do with it? Jews are foreigners, they shouldn’t have any say in the decisions of Greeks in Greece. I fail to see your point.

      • Agreed as foreigners, Jews shouldn’t have any say in the decisions of Greeks in Greece, however do you believe all Jews have some sort of hidden agenda?

        “You are a very good example of why Jews run circles around “American Intellectuals” and get you to think, “hey, some Jews are ok” while they shove the knife deeper in your back.”

      • I asked you a question, and you just ignored the question. If you want to post here please refrain from doing that. Then ask the next question.

      • Without the critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints, group cohesiveness many times results in irrational decision-making outcomes. Not just for Zionists but all groups whether religious or political.

        As for Messianic Jews, who are regularly persecuted in Israel, many have been ostracized and rejected by their own communities and families. So my question is, do you think these Jews for Jesus would also “stab you in the back” or have they removed themselves from the Zionist hive mind altogether?

      • Since you live in the woods in Canada maybe you aren’t exposed to Jews on the large scale that we are in New York. Orthodox Jews, hate the regular more secular jews, and refuse to intermingle with them. There are also Ashkenazi who don’t want to intermingle with Sephardi. So the fact that one Jew is persecuted by other Jews doesn’t mean they are good or trustworthy because they interpret the torah differently. What is it you are trying to mean by “irrational decision making outcomes”?

      • Actually I live in an Igloo with the Eskimos. You pointed out that various Jewish groups (Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Sephardic) are segregated from each other which invariably leads to isolation from outside influences.

        Interpreting the Torah differently may not make a person trustworthy, but embracing Jesus may contribute to the distancing of societal privileges altogether (Jewish Privilege), thus Jews for Jesus no longer enjoy the advantages of being a part of God’s Chosen people and all the perks that come with it (watch video).

        Irrational decision making outcomes refers to the cognitive and cross-cultural psychological phenomenon of the hive mentality that occurs within a group of people.

      • I’ve known some Jews who’ve been kicked out of their communities for speaking out of place, others walked out of their Synagogues because they were infuriated with the blatant hypocrisy of being asked to sit elsewhere; because another higher ranking member had reserved a seat in advance during high religious celebrations. So yeah, not all Jews are Zionist fundamentalists. Some are actually good people who go about living their lives and for moral reasons, they refuse to take advantage of privileges which are offered to them. Not because they’re unable to move up the ladder, but because like us, they don’t see themselves as “special”, but as people who just want to live a normal life.

      • Ahhh I see, well it seems you have it all figured out then, the nature of Jews you have figured out based on the handful of Jews you know and because you are sure they are good people. If you had kids, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind them playing out in a yard with snakes because “Not all of the snakes are poisonous” right?

        And as for Zionists vs Non Zionist Jews. It seems you are ignorant of the what the term actually means. Zion, means in their language a kind of “fortress” and “Zionism” is a relatively recent ideology for Jews. The Sephardic Jews were assisting the Muslims occupy Spain before the Spanish inquisition, and this was centuries before Zionism as a concept even existed. It was just Jews being Jews.

        Politics is on a macro scale, it involves patterns and history of groups as a whole, it isn’t based on your social life in Canada.

        And not only that, you seem to be basing your whole perception of these “good jews” on the fact that they got pissed off at a senior rabbi, and see themselves as normal people and not “chosen”. But how do you know that for sure seeing as the foundation of the religion is based on the covenant with yahweh? Because they told you? If you believe what a Jew tells you, it really is a waste of time for you to be involved with Greek nationalism. Maybe you should find a hobby instead.

      • I’m well aware that not all Jews are good people. The same could be said for all races, including Greeks.

        Actually it was a Jew who introduced me to the dangers of Zionism. Not a WN website like Stormfront or VNN, but a Jewish kid from my old neighborhood who to this day is opposed to Zionism. He expressed the same concerns and fears the majority of us have, because he doesn’t buy into the whole Jewish Privilege crap.

        “Politics is on a macro scale, it involves patterns and history of groups as a whole, it isn’t based on your social life in Canada.”

        Bringing my social life in Canada as part of an argument on macro-politics is an irrelevant supposition on your part. Pointing out my personal life on the bias of a limited source as a means to invalidate my personal views does not disprove the premise.

        The covenant with yahweh? He was more of a secular Jew (humanist), and in all the time I’ve known him and his family he never expressed feelings of superiority towards myself or anyone else.

        Do you believe what every Greek tells you?

        “It really is a waste of time for you to be involved with Greek nationalism.”

        Why because I have my own opinions, independent and critical analysis is the foundation of Greek thought and education, perhaps you would prefer to interact with GD “groupies” who blindly follow without question.

        Yes sir, no sir, right away sir!

      • Again, we are back to the same thing. You rambling and wasting time. It took you 4 or 5 different posts to just come out and say you have Jew friends, and you think because you do, your embracing multicultural life can be mixed into your own cafe Greek nationalist ideology tailored to suit you.

        It doesn’t work that way, you use the same common leftist tactic of deflecting. For example when we pointed out Zionism alone was not the only issue with Jews being a threat, you didn’t address it and changed the subject. And that is why you will need to find another place to peddle your bullshit.

        You just proved my point that your view on Jews as a group is altered by your own personal life of this “Jewish Guy you know” and you didn’t even touch or respond to the snake anology.

  5. Why has Golden Dawn never had a policy of leaving the EU altogether? This one worries me a bit, to be honest.

    • The goal is to leave the EU, but only after the country develops its own infrastructure again, as this was taken away during the last 40 years.

      • Brother, you know full well that which you say, is NEVER going to happen whilst Greece remains in the EU, which is obviously why this oncoming abandonment from the western financial oligarchy’s hireling governments, is drawing near. And that may well be a blessing, because as a country you’ll get your freedom and national independence back come what may. As a Serbian nationalist I rejected the obvious sovereignty wrecking terms of the Maastricht Treaty and I was only a teenager at the time to boot. Exiting the EU and anathemizing it must be the imperative of every single nationalist movement in Europe, we Serbians have already fought this monstrous entity and are still fighting it, and it will evidently have to be till the death too.

      • xaameriki, Sir I would agree that Jews should not have any say in the affairs of Greece or any other European country and Jews should live separately and not affect others with their arrogance. Preferably in Israel should all the world’s Jews live. Greece is an Ethnic Greek homeland.

        However, America was always different though historically in it’s attitude toward Jews. USA attracted some Jewish immigrants since the 19th century and did not see them as a threat. USA (and all British-derived nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada) were … generally more tolerant toward Jews since the time of Oliver Cromwell actually. The Anglosphere lets just say for some reason saw Jews not as a collective group but as a collection of individuals. So attitude toward Jews was more tolerant and friendly in English-speaking countries for a long time.

      • I was told once by a man…….”As long as there is a single jewish alive, there will never be peace on this earth”………. what a wise man he was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Golden Dawn HAS ALWAYS had the policy of leaving the EU.

      It was their main drive in the last election

  6. Ya if you ask me. Greece can not stay in the E.U and be a soverign Greek nation. Golden dawn in my opinion should win its place in the history books by being, The big brother who has finaly had enough, and has stood up to set things straight again. And does so in a modern way. Removing the illegals, re-developing some national pride. And up gradeing and protecting the Hellenic set of morals and values and way of life. Golden dawn has to have man power. And those men have to be willing to work full on for the nations interest. An example would be a mining operation to extract Greek gold and silver, to refinance a national bank. This needs to be a nationally funded operation, in every way. Go for the GOLD GREECE and vote NO!!

  7. I don’t understand how Syriza came up with the idea eventually to announce a referendum of that yes or no to the memorandum the European lenders proposed since Syriza is completely built up and run by Jews and KIS, the central Israeli organization of Greece and Marxist as well, like so many other parties.
    As this article makes clear, the Jews are annoyed with the idea of that referendum, does that mean that Syriza has gone against their masters’ wills then?
    Angry with Syriza s referendum game seem to be all the EU officials and IMF loan dragons. It’s only Obama and American governmental authorities -if I m not mistaken- that actually did not comment negative on it and seem like they agree with what Syriza has decided to do.
    At least that’s what the Greek tv has been saying.

    • no
      – Varoufakis just said they can’t print Drachmas anymore.
      – In 2013, Tsipras told the Brookings Institute he was their pro-NATO, pro-Euro minion, which drew the attention of the US as they knew they could turn a marxist Left bloc against Germany, which is too cold a “partner” (US word for lackey).

    • National currency issued by the national government -non-any-foreign-interest controlled money…Just look at how Israel controls their own currency.

  8. Hi George & Ed, any chance you guys might do a much-needed podcast again soon with updates? Be great to hear from you again! Keep up the great work 😉

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