25 comments on “A Night to Remember: A No vote, Resignations and the impending Leftist Memorandum.

  1. Interesting the Finance Minister is resigning since I thought he said he would only resign if Greeks voted yes. So why the resignation?

    • Just my 2cents… Varoufakis claims to of left because the Germans didn’t like him. I don’t buy it.

      From what I’ve gathered from some people I’m speaking to in Greece, the Syriza ‘anti-austerity’ fraction got really angry at him for saying he could sign a deal within 24 hours of a yes vote. He knows Syriza is going to have sign a new memorandum, and he’s basically been caught out for dropping that bombshell too early, so he’s jumping ship now before it all collapses.

      Tsipras has until the 20th of July (only 2 weeks away) to sign a new memorandum, which he inevitably will. This is seriously going to piss off the 61% of voters who said NO. I’m expecting many more resignations very soon. Probably riots as well.

  2. There are some complex answers to the question why those “German” faces stare at you at the TV screen. Germany was given a ruling and a leading role in the European Union Project since it’s inception at the Treaty of Rome in 1957. The new German government of the Christian Democratic Union since 1957 was always a fanatical supporter of European integration. The government of USA at that time wanted to stabilize and strengthen the new pro-Western Liberal CDU regime in West Germany and create for Germans a very high living standard by creating a European Common Market for German goods. This common market for German goods was to be the European Union. Policies in the EU are written to benefit Germans economically over other European countries. This also benefited geopolitical objectives of USA for a long time, because the American political establishment needs to maintain the existing German political elite in power for perpetuity. This political elite is basically a creation of American and British foreign policy. Germany is the location of huge American military bases, the largest in Europe. USA has a “special relationship” with the current BRD regime in Germany. It is very special according to Bush and Obama.

  3. Yanis Varoufakis is a suspicious character. He used to work for government of George Papandreou and he supported his policies. He worked as a consultant for Valve Corporation, the one that creates computer games. The Conservative British “Adam Smith Institute” praised the debt-swap plan of Varoufakis and called on British Minister George Osborne to support it. He isn’t really radical at all, but is part of the establishment. F. William Engdahl wrote an article that he thinks that Varoufakis might be a questionable and a suspicious character, who might be in fact a traitor and a “trojan horse” for the European Central Bank and Mario Draghi. Varoufakis wanted to preserve the euro in private.

  4. I am happy they voted No, however it seem to early to celebrate. Seems like Syriza has some dirty trick up its sleeve. How do you get a no vote and then go back to the table and attempt to negotiate. My understanding is now you clean out the illigals and start getting ready for winter. Start building a National economy without those slime balls from Europe. Seems this party Syriza does not have a vision. Greece needs a man with a vision. Mr. Michaloloiakos has a vision, even I do. Mr. Tipras does not. ITs time for elections again.

  5. The Oxi vote is merely the initial stirring of the storm that Greece will imminently face in coming months and years. Because of the intransigence of the EU Bankers and Greece’s addiction to the EU monetary system, SYRIZA knew it was stuck with the terms of the Memorandum. It only had three ways out – accept the debt and lose all credibility with the Greek people as a “radical leftist-socialist” party, reject the Memorandum and look for a new creditor like Russia, China or the US or go it alone. In reality, SYRIZA was hoping merely to change some of the terms and conditions of the debt, hoping for an extension of credit – a lengthening of the chain around its ankles. The party’s “radical left” image was its own stumbling block because all it coud offer at the negotiating table was rhetoric and slogans – railing at the bankers for their “lack of democracy.”

    As the negotiating came to a close with no concessions, SYRIZA desperately called for a referendum because it appeared that they would have to accept all terms of the EU – and prove that their policies were little more than juvenile, academic left-wing nonsense. A “yes” would have saved SYRIZA’s face because it would have forgiven them for bending over for the bankers. The current “No” vote has also saved SYRIZA’s face, somewhat, but has done something far worse. It now requires them to govern Greece and create a functional economy and currency. SYRIZA, at this moment, is in a no man’s land of insecurity. That is why Varoufakis has resigned and why many more of SYRIZA’s officials will in the future. Once they are handed the reigns of power to actually run the country – they will surely fail and risk taking Greece into the third world with no monetary system, no manufacturing base, no economy.

    Greece needs to stop the bleeding immediately, it must rely on a massive policing and military appartus, control its borders and stop the unending flow of immigrants into the country who are taking Greek jobs and criminalizing the society. They must return to the drachma with loans from Russia to stabilize the economy. They must create a massive public works program, invest in their infrastructure – shipping aquafarming, agriculture and most importantly put people back to work. It is now time for the Right to step up and take the power.

  6. Varoufakis and Samaras resigning? Neither will be missed.

    This is a definite defeat for New Democracy and what is left of Pasok, as they will be less and less able to be propped up by international interests. But Syriza may soon find out that it is a Pyrrhic victory for themselves. Lest we forget, the reason Syriza held the referendum in the first place is that they lacked the confidence themselves to commit to a hard decision. So now if it goes worse than expected, they can and will put blame on the people. As was evident in the last 6 months, they will also more than likely be caught with their pants down when it really comes time to act.

  7. Does XA recommend any sources for Greek news? (in Greek or English)

    What happened with the citizenship vote today?

  8. WHat is the basic course of action that the golden dawn would pursue in Greece’s current position?

  9. So what is Ilias Kasidiaris’s plans now he’s out? this is really off topic and sorry for that, but anyone else read Nikolaos Michaloliakos’s wiki lately?

    “he was arrested on charges of forming a criminal organization by orders of the Greek government at the time.”

    So they’ll admit that the government ordered it! which is 100% true, they did order it. idk who wrote that but it had the opposite effect ha.

  10. GO for the gold Greece!!!! Make the DRACHMA its our money its ours. Make it, call for it, look for it, artists Greek artists draw it make it real.

    Wow generations of people living in never ending disorder.

  11. Not really related to this story but i have to say that the hooded bin throwing, bank burning, public property vandals are very well behaved of late.
    You would think with the total backflips by this recalcitrant Government that they would be up in arms doing their worst.
    Must be a fly in fly out rent a crowd .

  12. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20150713/eu–greece-bailout-495b74be44.html

    Like you predicted, Tsipras is right back at the table, 61% of Greeks be damned in his eyes, apparently (I bet the real number was even higher, given the bankers propensity for dirty tricks). This is definitely XA’s time to shine now. When is the next podcast coming? I know there’s a lot going on, but inquiring minds want to know what’s really happening (not CNN propaganda) in Greece right now.

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