18 comments on “Tsipras signs the 3rd Memorandum: Another Marxist revolutionary who sells entire nations to the Bankers

  1. How likely is it for Golden Dawn to win the next election at this point? Are the Greek people finally going to wake up or are they going to make another stupid blunder and vote for another fake controlled opposition?

  2. How long would it take for the average Greek person to realize and wake up one day, thinking there are no reasonable effective options left except voting Golden Dawn in the next Greek parliamentary election? It is as if the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank are so arrogant and greedy, that logically sooner or later Greek people would vote Golden Dawn and there shall be blowback.

  3. A clown to the very end. Six months is all it took to go from having one of the largest margins of victory in years to going to the brink of catastrophe. We warned the people from the beginning that Syriza had only bloated words and empty promises to offer and now of course we are proven to be correct. I personally knew that it was only a matter of time before their grand coalition would turn on each other.

    And we may be stuck at 6% currently but tell me, how long will that last? Had it not been for the illegal arrests we would have been at least at 15% if not higher. And even now as we speak, the trial is falling apart. From the very second it started, one judge already opposed the case, several of the accused were released, and less than a week ago Kasidiaris was released. And Judge Maria Lepeniotou, a true coward, refuses to let the trial be televised, likely with the knowledge that the trial would only be further exposed before the final verdict.

    And what of our opposition? Syriza? Losing support quickly and likely to fracture eventually. ANEL? They are now tainted with their association with Syriza. Pasok and ND? Pasok is already all but dead and New Democracy is sure to follow suit as it can no longer sustain itself quite as well with the cronyism it relied on in the past. To Potami? Do I even really have to talk about this one? They are a completely pointless group that will disappear the second anything happens to their admittedly popular leader Stavros Theodorakis (who by the way is literally the only reason they exist with any sort of support).

    Realistically, our only true opposition now is KKE and all they have done since the end of the civil war (which they also started) is talk about the oh so inevitable workers revolution while sniffing glue.

    And these my friends are our enemies! With all the things I have just said you can now perhaps begin to understand why the Media (both Greek and international) target us relentlessly. All those propaganda articles, all the slander is done out of their fear of Chrysi Avgi winning and shattering their twisted dream of a mongrolised world. They say these things because they fear not only our inevitably victory but they, above all else, fear our future accomplishments. When the rest of Europe sees what even a small and poor nation like Greece can do with an ethnically as well as morally pure population while they watch their own homes get torn apart by black and arab invaders, their will be an awakening.

    And thus will social marxism die.

    • I believe by heart that what you wrote will take a long time to become reality in our country, still, but I am a 1000 % certain that it will evidently happen EXACTLY as you described at the very end! Excellent prediction, a perfect comment! well done comrade

  4. As I sit here fiddling with my meander necklace I bought from the XA Ameriki store I have to say Alex Tsipras is the most idiotic leader I have ever heard of. He just signed away his party’s last vestige of legitimacy, if they had any to begin with at all. Well, as they say power corrupts and now the Golden Dawn is the only remaining party that is anti-memorandum.

  5. I decided to go to beautifull brotherly Greece this summer ,and spend my money on the Greek coast and give a litle finacial help to my Greek brothers!

    Serbia loves Greece!

  6. When the GD enters office there is one thing that needs to be done if Greece is to become independent again and wielding a big stick which every other party incl Syriza failed to do which gave the Troika ammo knowing full well that Greece would back down at the last moment and that GO BACK TO THE FUCKING DRACHMA FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No referundum no nothing do it, free the country of those German slave traders. The problem that all govs past and present had was that they tried to appease the 80% of useful idiots in Greece who blindly want the euro. What people dont understand is that if you want the euro it comes at a deadly cost which is what Greece is experiencing right now and for as long as the euro exists in peoples wallets, Drop the euro and its a game changer for Greece to recovering. idiots keep telling me that if the drachma comes back it will be bad for us which i usually answer with….. how bad as compared to now? At least the drachma will force Greeks to buy local products which will go a long way to help local struggling businesses and maybe Greeks should rather not go on trips to other countries for a few yrs and rather spend their money locally. Secondly a flat tax rate and lower taxes for all to attract investment and not do the commie thing and tax everyone into oblivion as you attract more flies with honey than with shit the Singapore tax model is a great example. Even Bulgaria and Albania are doing it and the worst part about that is they are attracting Greek businesses. Greece needs to reach out to the diaspora as well coupled to an efficient and fair simplified tax system as stated above and not be treated as second class citizens while at the same time pandering to the every whim of the filth slipping into the country on boats daily. If Greece needs a certain amount of immigrants then at least let in white christian conservative immigrants who will even come with their own money and skills and entrepreneurship mindset to create new industries or boost existing ones with new way of doing things and a good case in point is white south africans who are world masters agricultrue to name but one sector where now these guys would happily relocate to greece and partner up with Greek land owners to develop the agri sector like never seen before in Greece which will benefit Greece in the long run. But that is a subject for another day. Bottom line is if Greece is finally led by GD (god willing ) If you dont return to the drachma immediately then GD too will be forced to accept dodgey deals by those troika assholes. Take away the euro and you take away any bargaining power the troika will hold over the country. Greek voters foolishly want the country to remain in the euro AT ALL COSTS, well austerity and debt for generations to come is what it costs. Take your pick euro and slavery/occupation or drachma and independence growth and prosperity. There is no middle ground here

  7. I think most wise people saw this coming.Its no surprise to me.The bitter disapointment bothers me everyday.
    But these are only my thoughts.
    The Greek people in Greece are livng with this tragedy.

    These traitors have many resources at their disposal.They are able to use these to great effect.Swaying votes, media propaganda, judicial intefering, slander every filthy trick in the book is used to great effect.
    It also appears there are many traitors in the Greek parliament to make sure they have enough votes every time.
    This doesnt happen by accident.They cover every base and groom the new comers and think years ahead.
    I liked Putins style.The way he came to power and how he did it right under the neocons noses.

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