7 comments on “Christos Pappas: National Resistance – Greek People, Finish Them!

  1. Greeks comrades!
    Fight back as Europeans did allways! Europa was betrayed 1945 and we all can see the result now in Greece and in every European country, even i all the WHITE WORLD! they want to extermine all of us: they want a genocide on all Our Peoples!
    Tsipras is a New Phialtes!! Down With him and all the traitors!

      • Last year in 2014, there were many polls for Greek parliamentary elections that showed 17% or 18% support for the Golden Dawn Party among the Greek electorate. Could Golden Dawn get about 20% if a parliamentary election is called this year? It might be possible, given the failures and treason of Syriza and collapse of popularity of New Democracy and PASOK. It is a very advantageous time for the Golden Dawn party to rise and shine. Circumstances are in favor of Golden Dawn.

  2. There is a major propaganda puff piece about Tsipras in the NY Times today:


    I don’t know the power of Western media to propagandize Greeks–though surely the Greek press is doing the same. But having said that, like reading Pravda, you can discern the intentions of the ruling elites from their propaganda. They want Tsipras to stay and turn Greece into a multiculti consumerist fiefdom. Plenty of servants for rich Brits, Germans and Israelis who come to Greece to play.

    XA will need more that 17 or 18% to stop this. But it must be stopped at any cost.

  3. It boggles the mind to consider: That when Leonidas was asked by the emissaries of Persia to commit treason … by giving them “Earth and Water” to take back to Xerxes … as a sign of Sparta’s submission and fielty to the foreign Emperor … Leonidas responded with: “Earth and water? You’ll find plenty of both down there Persian!” [As the emissaries were killed and their bodies thrown down a well].

    And here we are almost 2500 years later … we watch freakish, flimsy, feeble-looking, pencil-pushers and empty suits … claiming to be “Hellenes” … complaining like emasculated little manginas… about Golden Dawn’s Elias Kasidiaris … ripping to shreds an equally treasonous document … brought back by SYRIZA’s leader … demanding “Earth and Water” yet again from Hellas.

    Even Sparta’s bitter rivals … and much less militant Athenians … put the Persian emissaries they received on trial in a court of law … and found them guilty of soliciting treason.

    Hellenes just witnessed the single greatest betrayal in a modern European nation in recent memory … and WTF? Where are the people in the streets threatening upheaval? Demanding their vote be respected? That they be heard? Declaring FRAUD and No Confidence in this latest of vassal regimes? Demanding Tsipras step down? Where are the Greek religious leaders? Where is the Greek military per the constitution? For that matter, where is the Greek Constitution?

    Fucking surreal.

    Enough excuses my brothers … my sisters. Enough equivocations. Enough turning a blind eye. Enough with the charlatans. Enough with the traitors. In the end, WE ALL (Americans, Greeks, etc.) deserve the fucking governments we have (Read: let stand).

    Zito XA … Zito Ellas … Zito Europa!

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