5 comments on “On the Unlawful Imprisonment of Golden Dawn MP Ioannis Lagos

  1. Looks like today the “president” of the republic showed a perfect example of impartiality of his post and displaying a prime example of Greek “democracy” by inviting all parties but the GD to a lunch hosted by him.

    The mainslime media in Greece has reported this as if to ridicule the GD but the only thing they will achieve is to show the Greek people what scumbags run the country and sit in parliament

    • Source on this? Interested in knowing more and haven’t found anything about it.

      Thing is, I am not at all surprised by this and have little reason not to believe it. I firmly believe that the political isolation from other parties as well as the media blackout will actually start benefiting Golden Dawn in the future. They are fully showing that they are the only party that speaks for the people whereas Syriza is now revealing itself as to what a puppet government it truly is. The radical camp within their own party is now their primary enemy and their new found allies are in the mainstream (the old 2 ND/Pasok as well as To Potami).

      And honestly, people are finally starting to see the Greek media for what it really is: propaganda of moneyed interests who also bankrolled all the previous ruling parties. Taking all this into account, the isolation Golden Dawn receives is in fact the highest of honors.

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