5 comments on “Remember the 4th of August! The Traitors Want You To Forget!

  1. This is somewhat strange, but I read older history books in an American university, and Metaxas is rarely or hardly even mentioned as a great Greek nationalist or any great leader. For some reason, the Greatest Greek Nationalist was Eleftherios Venizelos. Eleftherios Venizelos is regarded as the father of modern Greek nation-state. Or the “Ethnarch” of Greece. Eleftherios Venizelos is praised for liberation of Crete from the Ottoman Empire and for siding with the Entente powers against Germany and Ottoman Empire in World War 1. Venizelos in older American and British historical books and accounts (those published in 1970s for example) is praised for being pro-British and pro-French in foreign policy and for being “the eminent and charismatic leader and leading intellectual”.

  2. The people who have attempted to erase the memory of the greatest nationalist leader of Greece’s modern history are often the same people who would have us praise the communist “heroes” that betrayed the nation, dragged us into a bloody civil war, and killed countless numbers of their own countrymen. These murderers are who we are told to look up to. Not the man who actually did all the work and who actually strove for the advancement of the Hellenic people.

    Metaxas was the leader that the crisis of the time called for and one that we could use right now. The so called leaders of the current entrenched powers of Hellas could never hope to be even a quarter of the man Metaxas was. But now in Michaloliakos and all the others, it seems we finally found men worthy to lead the nation.

  3. Great tribute to One of Hellas greatest men. All Greeks must remember these famous words .
    In order for a nation to stay great it must fight ! Even if it is hopeless!
    Hail Hellas
    Hail national socialism
    Hail Golden Dawn

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