6 comments on “Dramatic Developments: Illegal Immigrants Storm a Police Station in Kos! Police Officers Injured!

  1. It looks like the Zionists are playing the end game by flooding Europe with Africans.
    I heard some Syrians demanding papers from the Greeks.
    They said unbelievably that they would return to Syria if their demands weren’t met.
    I don’t see why they couldn’t stay in their fellow Muslims in Turkey where they launched their dingys
    No I do really this is a Muslim invasion.

  2. In the absence of an effective police and military force on Kos and in the face of SYRIZA’s ineptitude and inertia in the face of this invasion, a situation has developed in which the citizens of Greece must take enforcement of the law into their own hands – they must assist the police and military with a deputized citizens’ militia – by any means necessary – to repel this invasion and secure the island against further invasion.

  3. Shit just got (even more) real! Man I feel for you guys! I hope this gets more “on the fence” Greek people coming over to side of common sense and willing to now take action instead of sitting on their rear ends thinking their zionist lackey government will just fix things.

    In my country we have been experiencing the Fabian trickle method for years rather than the torrential flood you & other European nations are now getting hit with. At least with a flood more “average Greeks” may now wake up & join the ranks – here the “average New Zealander” is most definitely the proverbial zombie the kikes love to portray in all their crappy movies! Despite your desperate financial situation and the horrendous flood of third-world scum I feel you are in a much better position to get to where you need to be and regain national sovereignty eventually than we will ever be. The ground beneath your feet is undoubtedly yours and yours alone and this in itself is a massive strength for you that we don’t share here on a Pacific colonial territory despite ALL civilization here being built from scratch by white Europeans, This civilization that is desired by all third-worlders and whose benefits are now handed out freely to all newcomers while the descendents of the builders unjustly pay through the nose in every way for it!

    My thoughts are with you in these desperate times! HAIL!

  4. Over here in Spain, it was quite curious yesterday to observe how the local media covered this type of issue. When it was about the immigrants arriving at Kos on boat (5 miles from Turkey), the message was: poor refugees fleeing from Syria via Turkey; they’ve been all night at sea, they’re hungry, thirsty, exhausted, and look at the poor little children!!! And look at that big bad Greek policeman with that knife!!! And nothing at all about the Syrians getting violent!!! On the other hand, when it was about immigrants arriving in Spain by boat from Algeria (200 km), the message was very different: they’re in perfect condition and are being sent straight back home…
    The time will come when WE will be pushed out of our own homelands and be refugees too. The difference will be that no one will want us because there won’t be any white countries left to go to and no judeo-brown authority will want “white racists” that haven’t interbred with the browns.

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