5 comments on “CHAOS! Fierce Clashes Between Illegal Immigrants in the port of Mytilene

  1. PS: You should not let these so-called refugees get ashore in your country. You don’t owe them anything. That they ruin their own countries through overpopulation and other primitive behavior, is their own fault and will not be sorted out until the majority of them reach a human level of development, and that will probably take hundreds if not thousands of years.

    If you cannot be the miller, you will be the grain

  2. After stabbing his own party (and the people of Greece) in the back, Tsipras is calling snap elections. Conveniently, this action requires him to formally resign as prime minister. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next stop for him is a (banker subsidized) chalet in Switzerland.

  3. They just arrived literally, the pieces of shit, the barbarian subhumanoids, literal human trash, and they are already destroying the surroundings and causing trouble to the land that took them in, even though they come illegally and in chordes with no stop…..! And then all these barbarian monkeys will be left free wandering around Greece and Europe to bring all their “civilization and cultural enrichment” in our OWN homelands and the earth we and our ancestors have been living and evoluting for thousand of years!
    If we went in that amount of numbers in Afghanistan Syria or Bangladesh to colonize their earth “in seek of a better future and asylum” with no papers and passports, would they be treating us the way we do?! The pieces of shiit, in their countries they treat humans, females and children like as if they are insects of no value and now they come to “assimilate” in Europe and demand mosques to be built, their laws and religious traditions to rule in our OWN homelands , but who should we all blame for that ?! Who? The animals that scream Allah akbar and raise knifes to slaughter the locals soon enough or
    the demonic, filthy, even worse criminals, Jew loving Greek and European politicians and authorities that will do aanything it takes to fast forward the completion of the Kalergi plan in Europe by supposedly even “caring” about these monkeys when in fact they use them ONLY to destroy Europe biologically with no return?
    Who’s now to get full consciously enraged and angry at?
    How I wish all these Islamic and colored humanoids start raping and attacking politicians daughters or family members too, how I wish they gather and attack all possible filthy parasites – Jews- living in European capitals.
    At least Muslims feel absolutely no remorse or guilt complexes about the 6 gazillion bullshit tale or the dirty Jews like the stupid self loathing goyim does

  4. Here on this video the human trash from all kinds of Islamic middle eastern countries in the Greek island of Kos even yell Jihad at some point. And these, with the completely unconstitutional changes of citizenship and the blessings of Tsipras and his criminal antiHellenic disturbingly rich and filthy gang Syriza – will be called “Greeks” and their ugly newborns will be “Greeks” starting from this year.

    Karnavalistan country of the banana, the once glorious Greece, 2015

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