26 comments on “Tsipras Resigns, “Radical” New Elections Soon!

  1. i was hoping to at least give syriza a few more months in office so that more floating shit can wash up on the beaches as many locals havent felt the enrichment yet to realise what fitlh is really coming in so they will still vote for these traitors. The voters need to feel the brunt of these illegal invaders in full force so that they can finally open their eyes and vote for the only real party in Greece and that is GD.

      • This should destroy Syriza. Hard to imagine that people would just happily vote them again.

      • They will still get some votes in september, because the effects of the memorandum will be in november and december, thats why they are rushing elections as soon as possible.

  2. The biggest problem any nation faces is simply that most of “the masses” still just don’t see what’s going on right in front of their eyes! As long as they keep getting ALL their news about what’s going on from the damn TV they’ll believe nearly everything they’re told. And if it ain’t on TV then it doesn’t exist for them – omission is a much-used tool by the media. Our job (yes, commenters as well as distributors) is to disseminate as much good, truthful information as possible among the masses in the best possible ways.

    The 2 short comments above by xaameriki are perfect soundbites or snippets of concise, to-the-point information that won’t be just instantly dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by most average voters. Small info bites can then lead into further “sensible” discussion with many people who might otherwise turn away. Just give people little bites, an entree, to chew on first and see if they come back for the main course. Use what ever method you can and learn how to prick people’s ears up but keep it concise, to the point & factual (ie. stay well away from fat conspiratards like Alex Jones). Everyone’s different so tailor your approaches. Don’t overwhelm people with too much; give them opportunity to mull things over; allow them to come up with their own questions & responses. Every little bit certainly does count despite what agents & detractors will tell you!

    Keep up the good work xaameriki! 😉 My thoughts are with all who fight for the good cause.

  3. First Varoufakis now Tsipras?! These clowns were supposed to be the “saviors” if Greece?! Syriza is pathetic. What true leader gives up on one’s country? Real leaders fight to the end! “First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they attack you, then you win” – Mahatma Gandhi. Only the final remains for GD. Good luck brothers!

  4. Golden Dawn are anti EU, anti immigration and pro Greece – this party was lambasted by the liberal establishment, media and justice system – Golden Dawn MP’s were put in prison under bogus charges just prior to elections. Golden Dawn suffered the same treatment that UKIP received during elections, they were constantly called racist, fascist in an attempt to put people off voting for them.
    If the Greeks have any sense they will waste no time in voting Golden Dawn in and get back control of their country before it is too late.

  5. The one and only way forward is for Greece to put Golden Dawn in power, until this happens there will be a continue asset stripping by Germany; which have just made 70 billion out of Greece already. Get out of the 4th Reich EU Dictatorship, reinstate Greece’s boarders to stop the flood of invaders crossing into the Greek Islands from Turkey, bring back the Drachma and bring back true democracy for the Greek people . Golden Dawn the only commonsense choice to save Greece.

    • Bring back “true democracy”? You are kidding us, right Britman? You still believe in ..democracy?
      You know what true democracy was? A regime only applied once and only once in human political history, and that was before Jesus at the golden era of ancient Athens, where women and slaves could not vote, (meaning decide and have an opinion for the common good of their land back at the time), neither all men, but only those who have served already in the military of Athens, their homeland, and were men of public importance, also 100% Athenians in blood fr both their mother and father.
      That regime back at the time was democracy, Britman. Not the “democracy” applied in Europe or the white colonies around the world in modern times, that is a 100% Jewish invention – version of Democracy. Read history deep after the French revolution that fooled the English rich lordmen and the French and all the political history after it, maybe these things will become clearer to you.
      We are national socialists, we believe in national socialism, not “democracy” as Farage preaches of, that big time hypocrite.
      Also golden dawn are a national socialist party, they don’t stand for “democracy”.
      Read about national socialiam and what it means, also what it stands for, and try not to illiminate yourself politically from leftist and Marxist books and writers as the overwhelming majority of school and academical books are. Maybe you ll understand better why we stand for national socialism, and not the joke “democracy”.
      On that I should also add a small info. The very word democracy is Athenian and a Greek word of the 2 Greek words demos and kratos and it has absolutely nothing to do with the kind of democracy Farage or any other modern European politician speaks of.

      • It seems obvious Greece needs an Orthodox monarchy, and any democratic decisions that do happen (this should only be for local matters) should be limited to men of the Greek nation. No foreigners. No women. The man votes in the interest of his family, at the local level.

        For democracy at the national level, the martyr Corneliu Codreanu said,

        “Democracy makes it impossible for the politician to do his duty to his nation. A politician of the greatest good will become, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The politician lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent. He is placed in the position of choosing either the renunciation of his lifetime’s labor or the satisfaction of his supporters. And then the politician satisfies their appetites; not out of his pocket, but out of the country’s pocket. He creates jobs, positions, missions, commissions, sinecures, all of them loading down the national budget which burdens more and more the ever more bowed backs of the people.”

        Greeks and all European peoples must cease to see the nation as simply those alive today, but also the souls of those who have passed, and the future generations yet to be born. This is the nation that all have a duty to.

      • Modern Democracy does not come from Ancient Athens, but from the European Enlightenment of the 18th and 19th centuries. Enlightenment philosophy was focused on reason, analysis and individualism. The British and French philosophers of the Enlightenment such as John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu, Voltaire, David Hume, John Stuart Mill developed ideas of Classical Liberalism based on principles of popular sovereignty, popular consent of the governed to the governors, individual liberty, balance and separation of powers, individual liberty, parliamentary institutions, rule of law, civil society, constitutional government, social contract. Classical Liberal Enlightenment philosophers sought to make mankind all over the world more free and more equal, they sought to reform society with toleration, science and skepticism, they sought to abolish slavery and serfdom, they sought to limit the absolutism of Kings and Emperors and separate powers of government to protect liberty and property. The Classical Liberalism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries inspired the British Westminster Parliamentary system and the creation of the French Parliament. Many Greek intellectuals were inspired by the Enlightenment to revolt against the tyranny and slavery of the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Since Britain supported Greek independence from the Ottoman Turks, Greece inherited the Westminster System of Parliamentary Constitutional Government. First Greek Constitution of 1822 mentioned Classical Liberal Enlightenment principles of personal liberties, a democratically elected legislature and a limited executive power. Initially in the 18th and 19th centuries, in Britain only wealthy and educated men could vote in elections for parliament. In France, a man could vote if he could pay a high poll tax. Principle of Universal Male Suffrage in France was only applied in 1848, when an armed workers revolt in Paris demanding universal voting rights forced the French Parliament to abolish the poll tax. In Britain voting rights were expanded as a result of Reform Act of 1832 and due to Chartist demands in 1870s.

      • If Greece has a future, it cannot be democratic in any sense. The democracy that was Athens had nothing to do with the modern notion expressed by the word, nor with the modern false hope meant by it as by Lincoln’s slogan (gov. of, by, for the people). Dêmos is the resultative verbal noun of the old Greek verb daiesthai, which means to set apart, to divide, to discriminate. The nearest equivalent of dêmos would be party, in the totalitarian sense of the word : though it was a multitude of people, it was a multitude of people who considered themselves very special, for having among others undergone a very special initiation through pedophiliac contact by a state-appointed mentor from childhood through teen-age, and this sexual initiation was for mind-control, not for any pleasure on the youngster’s part. I your whole though process was not in that way streamlined, you had no voice whatsoever in Athens, you were a non-person. Actually among a population in Attica of over 600 000 only 30 000 had been admitted through initiation over which at most 6000 had won honourable mention points high enough to vote in the Ecclesia (far fewer bothered to attend it). This “democracy” was known to have less concern for the ordinary people’s life than most other Greek and non-Greek city-states, and the values fostered by all its main philosophers were among the most contemptful and snobbish against both working people and also creative artists (poiesis was a bad word). It was a regime where the real dictators instead of reigning as kings or oligarchs and risking opposition preferred to remote-control the thoughts of the people to perfection and let them decide in appearance, otherwise it was a very totalitarian thing where mere intellectual dissent on purely philosophical matters was oftentimes judged even graver than high treason, to the point most geniuses of original thought known by History to have been born or raised there had to go into exile or choose another city, even the physically very dour Sparta offered a freer air to breathe to great minds. Athens was heavily dependent on piracy for its prosperity and needed that kind of secret government to ensure its best functioning so as for the spies coming from without not to be able to pinpoint any real person making the decisions that seemed to issue from everyone. The symbol of the owl described very well the dark, secret, occult way of doing things that described the city, that is not a token of a place where spiritual light reigns, except the kind of light liked by the Masons who have a special veneration for Athens as a center of occult power and thanks to whom most Westerners of regular classic school curriculum have a very favourable prejudice towards Athens. Anyway this city’s empire lasted only one century, thereafter it opted out of sovereignty to lead the much more agreeable life of prostituting herself together with the whole of Greece to any rich conqueror passing by in exchange for special privileges such as philosophy professors’ tenures. Unfortunately, Athens was chosen as the capital city of new Greece and the city once restored from scratch resumed its role of selling out the country to foreign empires in exchange for privileges for its intelligentsia. I for one would propose to move the capital city from Athens to Sparta as a very potent token of the will of Greece to exist outside Masonic fantasies tailored for the decadent West. Sparta was a city ruled by and for ethnic Indo-European Greeks, Athens was already a typical mongrel city the mental development of which had occurred probably due to external influences from Egypt and Phoenicia, that is to say from the very same world oligarchy we would nowadays describe as non-religious Jewish. The bad name given to Sparta as having been a model fascistic city is very dubious, they were actually as more recent archeology shows not more violent or hostile to arts than Athens in any way, and first of all, their military and intellectual initiation was non-sexual, which testifies of a maybe authoritarian but non-totalitarian society, where the natural order was more important than politics proper. Actually, even though it was a constitutional monarchy rather than a republic proper, more people than in Athens participated in many decisions, non-initiates of all kinds were better treated, especially women, whom were honoured on a par with the fiercest warriors, and also the artisans.

    • Britman you just exposed your degenerate self again with the much repeated “4th Reich” comment (amongst others) and you have already been exposed and called out for it several times recently. You are most definitely not as smart as you think you are playing your silly little game here.

      Using different names and repeating this COMPLETE GARBAGE here makes you stick out like proverbial dog’s balls and nobody falls for your childish crap. Why don’t you just slither back under whatever leftist dog turd you crawled out from and stay there. Your pathetic dribbling doesn’t deserve to be in the same company as the decent commentators here.

      xaameriki, I’d keep tabs on this fool 😉

  6. i have a question, i’m a Greek-American with dual citizenship & i have voted for XA since we were allowed to. now i live in the U.S. and am wondering how i can vote as a Greek Citizen for the Homeland. i currently live in Las Vegas, but i’m willing to help in any way i can.

    • Currently us Greeks living abroad aren’t allowed. We must travel to our registered town/city in Greece.
      Many parties have promised to introduce a absentee ballot, but always back out of that promise.
      The best strategy we have is to all call and complain to our local consulate office, embassy and the Ministry of exterior.
      though they may not do anything about it it creates the conditions and legitimacy necessary for G.D. to fix this later.
      All greeks living abroad should apply for dual citizenship too.

    • This is the thing that upsets me.

      I know and have met many Greeks who love and support XA but have left Greece.

      This dwindles Golden Dawns percentage down.

      Maybe fly to Greece for a week during elections to give them your vote?
      if thats possible. Every vote counts

    • Well, I know in Italy you can fly there during the national elections and the government will reimburse you a percentage of the costs of travel. I will do this to vote in the upcoming elections.

      I guess Greece does not have this same policy?

  7. i guess we can’t vote overseas, which isn’t a surprise. that’s a concept too advanced for Pasok, ND & KKE. Is there anyway i can help XA New York, i live in Las Vegas.

  8. Fucking Syriza leftist scum, long live golden dawn. I’m excited to see the elections, hope you guys finally take the power you need and kick out the illegals that pollute mighty Greece, and I also hope trump will do the same for us!

  9. American Intellectual: The Classical Liberalism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries inspired the British Westminster Parliamentary system and the creation of the French Parliament.

    Not the British Parliamentary, the needful reform of which was the cassus belli of the English Civil Wars, pre-dating the French Revolution by 7 decades. Parliament itself was inaugurated by King John after the signing of Magna Carta in 1215.

    The following article, with its emphasis on the universality of nationalism, might interest you:


    Oh, and good luck, GD. I have some faith in Kasidiaris, and believe he has the vision and personal qualities necessary for a national leader, which are so obviously lacking in Tspiras (actually, in all Greece’s leaders for decades now).

  10. To Judith Mirville:
    That was a very interesting insightful analysis of the political and social life and standards of ancient Athens and the regime called democracy that they invented, which because of your comment I’m very intrigued now to study and explore deeper but your analysis over Sparta is even more interesting, and I totally agree with what you said over Sparta, also regarding the position and role women played in the Spartan society.

    Sparta was to me, the most ideal social-political system and regime that should be a bright example of how to form politics and rule white countries across the globe and should be applied to every modern white nation and country today if they TRULY wish to preserve their race, heritage and culture from the completely unnatural and unseen atavistic hatred and sophisticated aggresion of the dark forces of EU and the Washington-Brussels-Tel Aviv Judaic globalizing world order.

    The Spartan life and regime was very anti-individualist and was directly strong race and nation centered, every law and regulation applied by the Spartan legislator Lykourgos was solely and entirely strictly generated to serve with undoubted faith&passion the absolute interest of the Spartan society, their race, their land, their autonomy, pride and independence thus it was strictly racially and military based, it needed from its boys and men to be strong and powerfully disciplined enough to protect Sparta and their people by all means and in all occasions, and it needed from its girls and women to be brave, strong, respected, trained in both battle and physical wellness to protect their homeland when men were missing at war and give birth to healthy warrior sons and daughters, both physically but spiritually as well.
    The Spartans understood far more better than other Greeks and foreigners of the time that women play a very important and vital role in society, the importance of protecting the sovereignity and independence of their society and race, and more importantly the child upbringing, the Spartan women were growing up in a culture that demanded from them to be strong by all means and not weak..such as the Athenian and in other Greek city-states women were, that were much more degraded into only serving the role of taking home care of their men&households, restrained from the entire outter world outside the house and the national- social matters of their people, unable to fight&protect their children, elders and their country if it becomes necessary, uneducated to educate&suckle their children properly and simply upraising newborns.

    The Spartan women on the contrary were physically and mentally stronger and more active citizens, they were taking care of their men and family and were the Sparta’s vital core & inspiration to their men to be what Spartan women viewed as “real men”, ready to die for their people in battle, raising sons with a very strong national&racial identity, ordering them to come back from the battle either as winners or with the honor of dead warriors who seek to do anything it takes for Sparta, and trained themselves everyday to maintain healthy genes and bodies in order to give birth to healthy new Spartans and fight themselves for their land if necessary, totally unlike what the poisonous “revolutionary trend” of feminism teaches modern white women to be like, a complete unnatural and anti-feminin down to its core mental brainwashing that turns women into weak, moaning, state-dependent complexed creatures cut off from their life companions, men, and all their very important roles in family and society.

    I noticed that in any strong and advanced human society, and also a sociey that men are taught to respect their manhood&strength as males, women are treated with respect & appreciation by the society on its whole as beings for their vital female role and multiple offering to the “microcosmos”, which is family, the blessed God given gift of becoming mothers, and an active part to that nation.

    the video above displays a relatively truthful picture of how Spartan women unlike the Athenian women under democracy had to be like is this, despite its exagerration& stupid parallels and images to non European women&amazons.

    To my opinion, the Spartan model of social and political rulling life is the first organized national socialist and fascist regime applied in Europe that should inspire all nationalists and be an example of the rebirth and racial/national centered policy the nationalist awakening&reform wishes to bring, that will protect Europe and all the white lands from the biological and mental death and decline generated by the “democracies”, anti-national economical socialism, capitalism, communism and all other Judaic anti-national market-globalizing poisonous political orders.

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