12 comments on “Greek Media Forced to Admit Golden Dawn Rising in Polls

  1. I wish you Greeks a sovereign future.
    You have an excellent opportunity to be the first European country to shake off the yokes of the EU and global capital in general – Go for it

  2. Several years ago, the talking heads in the media gleefully exclaimed that nationalism was dead, that
    XA would never get beyond 3% of the vote.

    They also said the same about the Sweden Democrats:


    If cuck-nation Sweden is finally starting to stand up for itself, then it stands to reason that the proud and strong Greeks are soon to put XA at the top of the polls as well.

      • You’re definitely right on that. SD is kind of cucked like Front National and UKIP, but still a step in the right direction.

        The Marxists are starting to sweat…

      • The problem with these parties is that they are designed as “pressure valves” to slow the growth of true nationalism. This is their purpose first and foremost.

      • Hear! Hear! Been saying this to people (who’ll listen) for a while now. These parties are for the “hobby nationalist” who sits at home watching sport every weekend but fancies himself as some kind of armchair activist by limiting his ONLY conversation on nationalist matters to typing comments in chatrooms & comments sections. These people also believe that voting for these so-called “nationalist” parties somehow is “doing something” for the cause when it is actually achieving the opposite & playing right into the hands of those who seek to destroy all REAL nationalism worldwide.

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