12 comments on “N. G. Michaloliakos: NO to the Memorandums, NO to Illegal Immigration!

  1. Let’s be perfectly honest here, the electoral system is TOTALLY RIGGED by now. The Church pastors should have called the people out to rebellion perhaps long ago already, the fact they haven’t done so means they will be made answerable for it later, I am definitely sure of it.
    In the meantime let the immigrants keep coming, let the Turks get so brazen that they dare to challenge Greek sovereignty directly and aggressively, do whatever it takes to piss them off and set the entire region on fire, for I am afraid that is the only foreseeable way we can ever get rid of the internal cancerous tumor of our evil corruptocracies, once and for all.
    And don’t think for a second the latest migrant tidle wave was NOT DIRECTLY planned and financed by western powers bent on destruction, so let us return the favor and play their own game but on OUR OWN TERMS! Keep sending the migrants on north, insult the name of the Turks, Ataturk, Grey Wolves, whatever they possibly stand for just do it! The sooner the Mongols get their excuse the entire Greek kleptocracy will up and flee instantly, already knowing full well what total pussies they are!!
    The Greek army can then finally take over and do what is necessary, I guess.. Go to Church, pray to the Panagia for deliverance, forgive your own brothers and neighbors for all petty, ultimately meaningless quarrels and disputes, in the face of such grand turmoil now.

  2. The message is crystal clear and the offered solutions are the correct ones, the problem is that the vast majority of the population is impervious to it. They will only react when too late and after a long time sinking in. The vast majority of the population has been effectively “vaccinated” against Nationalism and it will be very hard to undo the mental mess in them.

  3. The polls say Gd is gaining more percent, I seriously doubt this new left party will get majority of the vote.. no way it can be another sryiza LOL.

  4. Syriza is a group put into power to build up numbers to one day fight against Golden Dawn on the streets . The same as in Germany in the 20 s and 30s . Communist s vs nationalist s left vs right .
    Everyone knows eventually Greeks will all become nationalists especially under this foreign attack.
    That’s why they allowed Syriza to gain power . Syriza represents multi cultural values ,homosexuality , atheists , and communists ! Syriza is a USA puppet government that want s a Greece without Greeks !

    Golden Dawn is the true way of the Greek warrior spirit . They represent God and country , passion , pride , courage , honor sovereignty , self respect ! Golden Dawn is a heaven sent government for the Greek people . Who believe ! Which all Greeks should believe with every drop of their Hellenic blood that Greece belongs exclusively to the Greeks !

    The Greeks spilled oceans of blood for their fatherland . Greece belongs to Greeks case closed .
    Hail Our beloved fatherland
    Hail Golden Dawn
    Hail victory !

    Ps for all you Greeks who’s family have communist roots remember this EAM and Elas raped tortured killed more Greeks than anyone else .They didn’t fight for Greece they fought for their English masters ! F- them

    As for those Greeks who’s family follow the crown of Greece know this very well . The king and queen aren’t even Greek . How can our Greek blood follow none Greek blood ? The last king of Greece died in the battle of Constantinople . Unless we find his blood line Greece has no king !

    Wake up and follow your hearts Greece belongs to Greeks and the only government who openly states this is Golden Dawn .

  5. I like what I’m seeing here 🙂 What NEEDS to happen MUST happen! May our thoughts from afar help strengthen the resolve!

    • can someone explain me those polls on the main website showing sryiza with 33% still? there is no way sryiza and nd are still that high in %..

      • New Democracy is dying a slow death but it will still maintain a certain amount of support for a while. Syriza on the other hand is still leading because they still have large amounts of people that are halfheartedly supporting them. As others have mentioned though, this will change once the effects of the 3rd memorandum start being felt.

        Beyond that is hard to say as the future always has interesting surprises. But if I were to make a prediction, I would say that while Syriza will lose a lot of support, it will not lose all of it. Rather, the left wing vote will probably be divided between them and the new Political Unity party while the rest of the disillusioned voters may finally realize that the Popular Association is the only real choice. But again, this is just my personal opinion.

      • What concerns me is that even if XA were to win ALL of ND’s and ANEL’s votes (and most of those voters are at least personally conservative/identitarian), it would not have a majority. And that is the “easy” part. XA also has to win over hearts and minds from people who have been indoctrinated into a completely different worldview.

  6. Can anyone please explain how Turkey is barely even mentioned in this massive flooding of immigrants. They even admitted they helped many get to Greece. How is there no backlash from other European countries? Turkey knows Greece is on her knees right now and would love to finish her off. GD are the only ones that mentioned this but not a peep in msm… Immigrants obviously come from somewhere. They don’t just fallfrom the sky! Hold these countries that make a business out of immigrant trafficking accountable.

    • Simple, the EU itself and the Jews that run it are allied with Turkey. The Turks are middlemen collaborating with the zionist oligarchs to flood Europe. All overall Europe there are plans to push more of these supposed “Syrian Refugees” into more countries.

      Just because Turkey is not in the EU, does not mean that the EU will help Greece and give it priority over Turkey. Zionist Israeli geopolitical priorities always hold more importance than “EU member states”.

      • People should read up on recent Turkish history to get more of a grip on what is going on there today. Look especially into “The Young Turks” and the “Donmeh” and the massive jewish influence over events of the last 500 years or so. You may start to realise who or what this Erdogan character really is!

        Don’t normally recommend this guy (Brother Nathaniel, a converted jew to Orthodox Christianity) but just did a quick search and he has a simple outline timeline that might be a good place to start – http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=95

        Comments there might worth a quick peruse too plus there are links on that page to more “Turkey/Zionist Articles”. Hope this starts to help.

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