8 comments on “Residents of Kos to Golden Dawn “Save us”!

  1. no end of the crimmigrants invasion in Greece an Europe without bullets from the greek army and the greek navy to the invasors; but then the NATO will bomb Athens as they did With Belgrade to enforce jewish “multi-culturalisme” in Greece and EU, because it is the jewish US priority: Destruction of Europe and destruction of Christianity With this jewish-islamic alliance against all of us.

  2. Golden Dawn must have a mandate.

    Deport ALL non-Greeks, the parasites, out of the country by FORCE.
    Dismantle the bureaucracy and banking class
    Sentence all abortion doctors killing Greek children to death by firing squad
    Re-criminalize sexual perversion in Greece

    And finally…

    Define Greece in the constitution as the spiritual ethnicity who have owned those lands for centuries, a legacy that NO OUTSIDERS have a right to plunder!

  3. This needs as much publicity as possible! Everyone reading this needs to show it to at least 1 or 2 people who are currently sitting on the fence between their old mainstream media-influenced views and finally waking up to the truth.

    Especially in countries like mine where we have been flooded by stealth. The same mass social problems WILL eventuate here & elsewhere (they are already happening on a smaller/quieter scale and are covered up).

    Keep working hard GD! Best wishes!

  4. At this point, elections will help very little, whatever the outcome. The resident of Kos featured in this video, ought to have been allowed to finish what he wanted to say, it was very very relevant indeed! “Save us” means do something concrete, but people have now evidently become much too fearful of taking up arms and rebelling, as in the past..

    • No, it’s not that they are fearful. It does not even cross their mind. They are an island that had been untouched by the problems people in athens faced with illegal immigrants, they had vast wealth from tourism and were voting for leftist parties for years because they were comfortable.

      Now that they have been invaded and the leftists have stuck the knife in their back. They are shocked and confused and used to asking always for someone to “do something” for them as they were all the last 40 years. But now Golden Dawn is telling them to wake up, join us and to fight alongside us. This will not be an easy change for the people of Kos.

      • Surely it must have occurred to most if not all GD parlamentarians by now, that no election called by the regime is made with a likelihood that any “wrong” party will win, even when all the masks have come off and most ordinary people know it? I don’t disagree parliament is still the forum of choice for getting one’s own views heard, but rest assured bar some major “anomaly” or unforeseen “accident” of some sort, the chances of GD winning the next election, or having anything to do with forming a new government – is still 0. In my honest opinion the battle now ought to include encouraging mass civil disobedience and strikes nationwide, in order to finally squeeze the regime out of power and scatter the whole lot of them into the air, for good!

      • Naturally it is likely the system won’t play fair. But another round of these elections is necessary to break the last illusions among people about their “democracy”. Only after will things like you describe start taking place.

  5. I wasn’t specifically talking about Kos, but about all of Greece, or any other country for that matter.

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