4 comments on “A Warm Reception for the Group of Golden Dawn MPs Visiting Kalymnos

  1. The Greeks should remember this speech from the 9th book of Herodotus’ “Histories” – one of the greatest speeches of all times, as they look upon the Muslim immigration invasion of their country from the East and the monetary plunder of their country, internally by SYRIZA and from Northern Europe. The speech was presented in 479 BC by one of the Athenian emissaries to Sparta while the Persian army, under their general Mardonious, occupied Athens. The Athenians had recently defeated the Persian navy at Salamis and saved the Peloponessos and were waiting for the Spartans to reciprocate by attacking Mardonious’ army while it was in Boetia, as the Spartans had previously agreed:

    “For there are many great reasons why we (Athenians) should not do this (accept the offered Persian peace terms), even if we so desired; first and foremost, the burning and destruction of the adornments and temples of our gods, whom we are constrained to avenge to the utmost rather than make pacts with the perpetrator of these things, and next the kinship of all Greeks in blood and speech, and the shrines of gods and the sacrifices that we have in common, and the likeness of our way of life, to all of which it would not befit the Athenians to be false. (9.144.2) Know this now, if you knew it not before, that as long as one Athenian is left alive we will make no agreement with Xerxes.”

    • This particular story does not exactly apply today, because what Greece is facing is something very different than wars in the past. We were not being plundered by “Northern Europe”, we are being plundered by international money lenders who come from the Levant, who use the Germans and the Americans like Janissaries to attack us.

      In these countries that are “attacking” Greece are also many who wish us no harm and want to help us, but they are under attack from the same international money lenders and under even more direct control than Greece is.

      Our immigration problem is not an organized military invasion like it was with the persians, but an internal threat involving politians who invite them in and leave our door open. Politicians who fly to New York and Tel Aviv to get their orders.

      So what we are facing is by no means anything comparable to what was written by Ηρόδοτος .

      The lesson of the revenge exacted by Odysseas upon his return however does have practical application today.

      • I mostly agree.

        The pattern is the same all over the western world: Governments directed by global capital are flooding our countries with subhumans in order to break down our nation states in order to make the world one big marketplace, solely to the benefit of global capital.
        We have to reject this destruction by throwing out global capital (multinational companies, EU etc.) from our nations and dealing efficiently with the traitors amongst us (most politicians from the old parties and their useful idiots, the “humanitarians”)

        The moneylenders are powerless if we refuse to pay them and have the strength to reject their gorillas

      • No past historical incident is perfectly parallel to a current one and so you are historically accurate to draw the distinction between the events of 479 BC and 2014-15, however, the central point of the Herodotus speech was the blood, linguistic and cultural ties of the Greek people throughout the region in the face of an external immigration invasion, in huge numbers of cases deliberately orchestrated by Turkey, where smugglers operate with impunity. We saw the early stages of this onslaught 4 years ago where Turkish smugglers created an immigration pipeline of Pakistani, Iraqi and Afghani migrants across the Evros River from Turkey into Greece. The EU’s refugee policy has relinguished control of Europe’s borders and made them legally meaningless. The current mass immigration will certainly alter the cultural, racial and ethnic landscape of Europe and, unless parties on the Right can succeed in winning the hearts and minds of people, Europe as we knew it will cease to exist – and yes, Odysseus’ revenge upon his return to Ithaca is a welcome thought – much housecleaning will be necessary.

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