13 comments on “Greek Communists (KKE) Enraged Over Golden Dawn Support by Citizens of Kos Island.

  1. I see the communists in Greece have named themselves well so that nobody can be unclear about who they are, what they are & who’s behind them – K(i)KE!

  2. I gotta say, I have been so preoccupied with ND, Pasok, and Syriza that I almost forgot the living relics of KKE were still around. And indeed as the article says, most of their members are leftover die-hards from an era that everyone else has moved beyond. They are eternally repeating the same rhetoric that they used during the civil war that they caused, and even then, it was already fairly outdated. And now in 2015? This stuff is just laughably out of touch. Good lord, a few decades from know, Liana Kaneli will probably be in a vegetative state, still mindlessly mumbling about the inevitable workers’ revolution.

    But with all that out of the way, it must be said that it is never too late for a Hellenic to recognize his love for the nation. After all, there are a number of former marxists who have joined the Popular Association. And for a group of islanders who were essentially isolated with an outdated and toxic ideology, I will say that it is unfortunate but necessary that these people finally see the multicultural “gift” that these zealots have been promising all these years. They can finally see the truth.

    • All too true. Next time you see a leftwinger crying for more multiculturalism, point them to Detroit, Compton, or (if you really want to watch them squirm) South Africa. I have yet to see these “enlightened and progressive” types actually move to these “culturaly enriched” regions of the world.

  3. All leftists have a mental disorder. I’ve come across a few that bash communism but brag about liberalism. Liberalism is watered down communism! Both have the same ideologies, open borders, anti-religious (but only against Christianity) etc… Both created by the same beast. How can KKE even exist in a nationalist country?! Wasn’t it them who pushed for the removal of the cross on our beautiful flag? The one our ancestors died fighting for? Some nerve… I pray to God that GD prevails this time. Lock up the traitors that ignore the constitution!

  4. G.D.

    The communist party in Greece, known as KKE, was founded in 1917 or 1918!
    One of ghee oldest political parties in Greece, if not the oldest one, indeed!
    Its ruthless Greek communist members and all its extensions and their offspring are very much alive and ruling today, hiding inside Pasok, ND , Syriza today and pretty much almost the entire political establishment of Greece after 1949, despite losing the painted in lots of Greek blood civil war they started after the defeat of Hitler and the end of ww2, and under the commands of Stalin who previously made an agreement with Churchill to allow Greece, the only Balkan country,be under the western axon’s influence rather the Soviet Union’s.

    Greece is a country with a very long communist/leftist affected political history, the hidden atrocities the Greek commies faithful to Stalin from the past mixed with traditional political family dynasties raised in the U.S. such as the Papandreou family of Pasok that repeatedly ruled the country for decades are still very well covered and far away of the lights of public knowledge and publicity,
    And the KKE of Greece despite losing the war with armies have won ideologically miraculously, very few Greeks know to this day how many ex hardcore Soviet union style communists have transformed themselves as socialists and democrats later and were hiding in the majority of the today’s political parties.

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