7 comments on “Farmakonisi Has Been Captured: 20 Permanent Residents to 800 Illegal Immigrants!

  1. yup if it looks like an invasion, sounds like an invasion and smells like an invasion then it is an invasion and looks like greece has retreated from one part of its territory

  2. In a sane world these invaders would’ve been met off-shore by the navy & coastguard and warned that they would be fired on and sunk as enemy combatants if they didn’t turn around and go back to where they came from. Very obviously we don’t live in a sane world…

    • http://golden-dawn-international-newsroom.blogspot.gr/2013/01/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-genocide-of.html?m=1

      Yes, evidently, we don’t. That’s the truth.
      Syriza and all the left and right Greek politicians/criminals and EU employees follow orders the EuroZionists of the criminal ZOG European union give them every day, these Jew employees of all European governments must be talking with each other via phones like 20 times a day, and they are all employees faithfully serving that so called “Kalergi plan”,
      a big dirty corrupted filthy gang of criminals and Jew servants that need to be wiped out of the planet for the sake of the survival of the whole European continent and our peoples future in our own lands.

      If you weren’t aware of that Kalergi plan they ll do anything it takes to fully serve and complete, you might be interested to get to know about it. It’s quite interesting.

  3. Syriza did what it always said it wanted to do and that was to share the Aegean with Turkey and no suprise that the very islands Turkey always coveted are the very same islands that have been invaded by floating pondscum

  4. 159,000,000 illegals from the middle east and Africa will be needed by 2025 in Europe to change Europe for ever and outnumber Europe’s old local inhabitants according to the Kalergi plan!!!

    159,000,000 fucking 159,000,00 by 2025, thus the Eurozionists pieces of sh#t are hurrying now and with Saudi Arabia fund whole missions in the middle east to organize “immigration business” while at the same time cooperating with Turkish gangs of smugglers that make fat money in order to meet with the goal of bringing 159,000,000 illegal brown and black hordes of “refugees” in Europe!

    This is a massive, unseen, completely unnatural human experiment of destroying, externinating in just only 1 generation (!) and replacing the whole diverse white race of a whole continent, Europe, with other races far away and all that with no weapons and at times of peace!
    159,000,000 by 2025.

    Just take a moment and think of that number. This is ultra racist, hugely racist, one of the most aggressive racist crimes ever committed towards a race of people, the white people of Europe, and also whites worldwide!

    The absolute need of massive racial and national socialist awakening, counterattack and action in all countries in Europe is a desperate absolute necessity,more than ever before, more than any other time and even much more than Hitler s time in Germany of the 30s. The kind of attack we are facing with all the dirty filthy Eurozionist governments all across Europe working day and night to fast forward change Europe irreversibly is hugely dangerous and never before did it occur in history.
    We have lots of really very hard work to do, I believe now that racial tension and war will be the norm of survival in just the very next years.
    Strong national socialist leaders with strictly organized members, hierarchy and lots of training are needed, if we want to survive and preserve anything “that used to remind us of the past”.
    And it becomes now clearer and clearer that Golden Dawn – Greece will be the ones leading the way throughout Europe& the rest of the white world in this desperate call for survival.

    It makes you furious, it just makes your blood boil with anger. I am convinced that this so called Kalergi plan is their bible, they ll do anything it takes to complete it and destroy us, and it’s one of the main reason EU was formed at the 1rst place, not buying the dollar – euro bullshit story.
    It’s clearly a way to globalize the world further and control politics of all European countries with one big anti-white anti-European union that will launch the biggest biological war against white people ever.

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