5 comments on “Golden Dawn At the Side of the Greek Small Bondholders:  A Meeting At the office of N. G. Michaloliakos – PHOTOS, VIDEO

  1. What is Golden Dawn’s position on international markets? I have read in their prospectus that they favor national autonomy, but I haven’t been able to find any information about their views on maintaining the Athens exchange once they come to power.
    Do Golden Dawner’s view all finance people as evil?

      • I guess I should have clarified and asked whether Golden Dawn favors complete autarky or would participate in the international trade system?

      • Hear! Hear! Obviously now the war on usury is a big one but it has to be fought & it has to start somewhere. The goal of international barter trade has to be achieved to end once & for all the domination of financial markets by a relatively small group of usurious parasites. We should all know that symbiosis (both parties win) is a much preferred relationship in nature than parasitism (tiny parasite wins, large host[s] dies).

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