5 comments on “Golden Dawn Tours Rouf and Votanikos –VIDEO

  1. Please GD i beg you to lobby for the diaspora to be allowed to vote. We are tired of allowing leftist useful idiots to vote in the destruction of our motherland. We are taxed and we are expected to do military service and most us will fight and die for our motherland if called upon to do so, yet we are treated like 2nd class citizens while arab vermin and even africans albanians get better treatment than us with greek blood and deep love for our land do.

  2. Something drastic has got to happen over there in Greece in order to kick the muslim scum out. It is good to see people in islands like lesvos and kos start to wake up unlike in Germany where the majority of Germans are welcoming these muslim savages in and throwing bottles at the few German nationalists and screaming “nazi” at them. If the election is not rigged, GD should win on September 20th.

    If GD is to occupy the majority of the parliament, what will take place? I know the ultimate goal is withdraw from the EU and of course making Greece for Greeks again. As a Greek American, I’m feeling a sense of desperation, our islands and mainland is being invaded at an astronomical rate making the Mexicans crossing American borders look like slow motion in comparison. I wish for GD to succeed 100%, to free Greece from the Zionist bankers, leftist politicians, the jew controlled EU and to rid Greece of those muslim parasites. Maybe wishful thinking, but perhaps Russia is a potential ally.

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