5 comments on “Greek Consulate in New York Blocks Golden Dawn New York On Twitter

  1. So much for Greece and the USA being “democracies” right? In actuality, democracy is a Jewish invention to control opposition and ruin countries. We need to have a Fuehrer.

  2. Thank you GD for trying. I know its an excersize in futility when dealing with political scumbags trying to stay in power at all costs but at least you are trying while others remaim silent. There is a oz Greek news paper Neos Kosmos that has requested Greeks around the world to hold and organise protests in their respective countries outside Greek embassies and the will promote it via their new portal

  3. Guys, can i give you some advise? A few yrs back the South African terrorist regime was taken to court in London due to the fact that they too blocked voting outside of SA as they also feared expats/diaspora would vote against them, so what a group of expats did was to take the local embassy to court and they ruled in favour of allowing them to vote. The ruling was done within days and that led to the voting being opened up around the globe for South Africans. There is a now a precedent set in the UK courts for just this. Since most expat Greeks reside in Commonwealth countries as it is , the ruling will automatically extend there and other countries where Greeks reside will be forced to follow suit. Just a thought.

  4. I know that but if one territory rules in favour the Greek gov as the terrorist South African regime would be forced to offer the same to wherever it has embassies. We need one ruling somewhere and i know for a fact london is one such place. Just a thought.

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