1. “The Mayor is responding to this by saying they will not have elections on the island. ”

    Wait, does this mean that no one on the island will be able to vote on the upcoming election?

    • He’s saying that supposedly to threaten the Greek state and government right now, because they are doing absolutely nothing for the very dangerous and tragic situation the residents of the island are forced to be into all of the last weeks.
      But it’s not in his authority to decide whether the people of Lesvos will legally practise their democratic right to vote on the national elections or not, whether he likes it or not, that’s unheard, totally unconstitutional and he didn’t even ask if the people of Lesvos are agreeing with such a thing. He’s being quite democratic, isn’t he?
      Not even the Greek state is in charge of excluding a whole island and municipality of Greece from its right to vote on the national elections in reality, the regulations and laws are very clear on the Greek constitution.

      He is threatening he will ban the citizens from voting as a desperate call of emergency and a sort of punishment to the Greek state because they are not declaring the island in a state of emergency taking all the right measures to ease up the situation there, but most Greeks have understood he’s just being sneaky, stupid and sneaky at the same time, cuz most people suspect that most likely the overwhelming majority of these ” freshly cultural enriched” Lesvos people will reject the entire political system and massively vote for Golden Dawn, angry and furious as they are with all these hordes of illegal immigrants occupying the island and destroying everything wherever they go.

  2. I can’t fucking believe what I’m seeing !
    Hellas is under complete attack !
    The Greek government is a complete puppet government.
    Only Greeks can save Greece now .
    Time to get rid of the garbage !
    The longer we wait the harder it will be !

  3. That poor women , my heart goes out to her. Golden Dawn ,Patriots, by any means you MUST save your once proud and beautiful country….Arrest and throw the traitors in the cells, then begin the trials in the open air in front of thousands of your people…..Pathetic greedy scumbags every last one of them. Then it would be really nice if something could be done to the evil bastards “usual suspects” in America who are pulling the strings….

  4. Forgive me god for saying this but I almost don’t feel bad for any left wing morons. See now what comes for you?! The swarm has to hit your front door for you to see what we warned you of all along. Wake up! Your “stronghold” is finished… You can not reason with these barbarians. I argued with an old Greek man the other day who says Syriza will keep us in the EU and keep us safe from a war with Turkey or others… Hahaha. Old fool. What do you have now old man?! Is this not an invasion? One which we don’t have the right to fight against because of political correctness. Move over and let the new generation of nationalists clean your mess. Your type have done enough damage! Perhaps you can go to their land and demand they help you once you are displaced. I’m sure it will work out fine… You only have one choice – and its Golden Dawn…

    • Dont worry you are not the only one who feels that way. I have no sympathy for those that voted for the very jihadist parties that encouraged this while at the same time making the GD to be the evil villains in all of this. I have been saying to many now that as much as this mess makes me cringe and angry, I think its a necessary evil due to one small fact and that is that leftist useful idiots dont listen to reason or even acknowledge evidence and facts. The only way they will come to their senses is through firsthand experience. Experience trumps theory any day of the week

    • My heart goes out to the true and patriotic Greeks who have to suffer under this onslaught, but I love it when liberals reap the consequences of their terrible policy decisions.

    • ” Move over and let the new generation of nationalists clean your mess.”

      I fully acknowledge that their are many elderly men who have kept the fire of Hellenic nationalism alive and I am thankful for them. But it is long past time that we also acknowledge that much of them are a lost generation of traitors and losers. They created both this as well as the economic mess. They gambled the future of their children away so that they could party for 40 years. And now when we of the younger generation answers with the Popular Association, it is WE that are the traitors. WE are at fault for wanting to clean up the chaos of their irresponsibility.

      To any of the older generation that still holds their faith in the old marxist parties, go to hell. You are a black mark on our nations glorious history. To the children of our generation and all subsequent generations, you will serve as a cautionary tale, a reminder of what happens when you replace faith in your race with a faith in money.

  5. Absolutely true my patriotic friend. The braindead only wake up when it hits them in the face with a crushing blow….!

  6. Here take a look at all those leftist soap dodgers chanting welcome to invaders on the island. At least the close proximity to the invaders will result in their heads being cut off by jihadists. All we have to do is sit and watch from a distance and load up clips to youtube to see how many likes we can get. We wont have to deal with traitors in such a case ourselves at some point

    • This looks like one of those Nigerians people pay to read things and make videos. It is completely obvious that this was scripted, and this african didn’t write the script.

      • I know it was scripted. it was very easy to figure that one out but trust me on this, i live amongst them and daily they talk about this kind of thing. More so than ever. Its not just nigerians but even further south they keep making references to UHURU which pretty much is this. Scripted or not this is the mentality coming to Europe

      • Well, whomever wrote this script is obviously living in Holland, Sweden, the UK or something like this. These leftists who write this kind of stuff assume all Europeans are like them, when in fact most Eastern Europeans, Balkan People, and even certain central European countries will put up a fight to this invasion, because they don’t have the standard of living to believe in “welcome refugees” like a a Dutch or Scandinavian living in his Social Welfare Cocoon does.

    • Pure dirt ! He wants white women .
      Why don’t he love his own people black women?
      Savage animals !
      A new war will start in Europe all European s must throw out these invading hordes of dirt !
      Russia must back the European countries who don’t want these animals or else USA will come down on any resistance against these savages !
      Ps any Greek who supports these animals are worse than these low life savages

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