12 comments on “Thousands of Golden Dawners Prepare for Elections in Athens

  1. Just a question that has been bugging me all day since i read it, which is the recent reports on some media whether false or taken out of context by the jihadist leftist troll media which is according tot he report that the GD made a statement saying that they accept political responsibility but not criminal responsibilty for that anti white leftist wannabe gangsta rapper’s death. Why even say something like that if the reports are true? The GD IMO is in no way responsible no matter what for that. If reports are true regarding this statement, how exactly is that going to favour the party at elections and most of all in the farce of a trial?

    • We accepted no responsibility for fyssas, and even if it were true, most Greeks don’t care enough about fyssas and his leftist friends and family who are in the higher economic class of Greece.

    • Obviously, all of us here (or just about anyone with a bit of common sense) knows that one crazy guy who swept the floor at one of Golden Dawn’s offices does not at all represent the movement as a whole.

      For now, I will assume that he is simply referring to the fact that he was technically a member (even if in an unimportant position) and thus are we “politically responsible.”

      But of course, that still hardly means anything. Many people are members. To demonstrate the absurdity of this, imagine if someone was a registered Republican in America and just so happened to have a few screws loose and went and killed a vocal Obama supporter. If we used the logic of the ND-Pasok(and within a week, Syriza) junta, then we would declare the entirety of the Republican party to be a criminal organization and have its leaders arrested based solely on the action of one crazed individual. If anyone actually tried that though, they would be laughed at.

      Keep in mind that once again that is just an example to demonstrate the absurdity of what was and is being done against us. On top of that if we are being honest, both the Democrat and Republican parties should in actuality have their leaders if not their entire organizations stand trial for the crimes that they have actually committed over the years. But of course, that is a different discussion.

  2. The “Guardian” the british establishments perverted daily “news” paper (rag) fit only for those with loose bowels, again sticking its liberal / marxist nose into Greek affairs…. Nationalist world wide will be rooting for you brothers and sisters. Our people all over the world are waking up at last to the “usual suspects” master plan…!!! The Guardian”, along with the “B”BC and “Channel 4”, work full time in trying to destroy this once safe and beautiful country of mine…

  3. Best fortune and blessings to Golden Dawn. You are in my prayers and I hope the Lord God strengthens you as you are attacked by all manner of calumnies from the yellow press, and violence from the anarchists.

  4. I see Syriza leading the polls again and GD in third at only 7.1%. Now we all know GD ‘s real numbers are suppressed while Syriza’s and others exaggerated. I would like to remind people the actual definition of – insanity – it is when one does the same thing over and over again but expects different results. What does that make the Greek voters?… I always thought my people were a bit smarter. So this new democracy witch is worried about the rise of GD. Shouldn’t she be more worried about the swarm of invaders? Our extinction? A permanent change in European demographics? No… Hey Fotini, do Greece a favor and step aside for the real heroes! Or are you looking forward to getting gang raped by turd worlders?… Let us help you since you or those like you obviously can’t help yourselves. Our future looks bleak… We need this victory. Good luck comrades.

  5. Can you guys do a pod cast after the elections to re cap on what went down? Also, being optimistic or is it normal to assume this election will be a big turning point for the movement? me, i think so, i think we are seeing a movement really developed and gaining light in the land of Greece!

  6. Best of luck to Golden Dawn in the elections tomorrow. This Greek American will be rooting for his fellow Greeks who are looking to take their homeland back from the backstabbing leftist traitors and the third world invaders. I wish there was a way I can vote, but doesn’t seem possible with me being in America.

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