14 comments on “Golden Dawn’s Nikolaos Michaloliakos Post-Elections Address

  1. What is wrong with our people? Even the catastrophe in the Aegean and Thrace can’t awaken them.

    We can’t even pull ND to the right as Jobbik did to Fidesz.. Hell, even ANEL gets into government and completely sells out.

    I was hoping XA would crack 10%. But they seem to have taken a few ANEL voters and that’s it.

    • Maybe it is because the Golden Dawn party is under a media blackout and they were not invited to any debates. That is why. Or maybe because Golden Dawn does not have the media support or the money in order to win the election. Greek people were undergoing a very long term brainwashing through the education system and through the mass media. It is not easy to change all of that.

      • And how much damage can Baltas and Tasia Christodoulopoulou each year? We’re at a critical juncture. We have a right to survive we must survive.

    • Hey, at least you gained another percentage point of voters and scored one or two more seats in Parliament . At least GD is moving in a positive direction.

  2. Congratulations, XA! Despite being subjected to political ostracism by the entire political system, despite having its entire leadership under the thumb of a witchhunt by the State Prosecution for an alleged criminal conspiracy and despite a complete media blackout, XA still hung to third place. That is no small feat.

  3. Okay a lot of people have shown great concern and disappointment in the final results and not without good reason. However, you guys are looking at this wrong.

    1. You really should have expected this outcome for the most part. Yes, we were being underrepresented by the polls by considerable margins, with many putting us in 4th or even 5th place and we defied those outcomes. That said, if you believed that this was the election that would push Golden Dawn to new heights, you were only setting yourself up for disappointment. And let me just say right now that the 7.2 percentage is probably not going to change much over the course of a year. There may be incremental increases (especially when the effects of the 3rd memorandum start being felt) but all in all, it will stay very similar for roughly a year as the effects of Syriza’s inevitable downfall are slower and more long term.

    But in about a year, the laughable farce that the establishment powers call a trial is predicted to end against us. Perhaps they will attempt to drag it on longer but at the end of the day, even the media that has blacked us out will not be able to ignore our vindication at the trial. It is at THAT point that our resurgence will truly begin. Which also brings me to the next point.

    2. I know it has been said a lot (and you may be sick of hearing of it) but the fact remains that NO OTHER PARTY had the same pressure that the Popular Association had. We have been subjected to a laughable trial, had our state funding cut, been subject to a media blackout with the only exceptions being the odd piece of slander against us, had our members openly attacked on the streets, and were even excluded from appearing in the debate. If these things had happened to Syriza, New Democracy, or any of the other parties, I guarantee that they would have been crushed and faded to political irrelevance. The fact that Golden Dawn suffered all this and still came out ahead of the other parties that had every single benefit possible is a testament to our resilience and a sign of the power we will hold in the future.

    3. Syriza’s considerable victory was due to some admittedly shrewd thinking by Tsipras. The reason he chose to have elections now was due only to the fact that he had rebels in his party and the new memorandum was fast approaching. He did perhaps the smartest thing he had ever done in his disastrous tenure and capitalized on his popularity as much as he could before the arrival of the latest agreement. Had the election occurred a few months later during the 3rd memorandum, the results would have been very different.

    4. Syriza has achieved another success and it may be the worst thing that could have happened to them. Do keep in mind that the yes/no vote victory of a few months ago ended up being a nightmare for Tsipras. And now, Tsipras has gotten a victory and a return to the old coalition with their pseudo nationalists buddies ANEL. And in a few months, they have to implement that nasty 3rd memorandum that I mentioned several times earlier. And then they have to lead for close to 4 years (barring the occurrence of another snap election). Even now, the lively enthusiasm that their voters had in January is gone and over the course of their half year in power they somehow managed to be even worse then freaking New Democracy. In essence, imagine the last half year and multiply it by eight.

    As it stands we have seen only the prologue to what is sure to be Tsipras’s grand spectacle of incompetence and submission. This, in the long term, will do more to raise Golden Dawn then any amount of campaigning ever could. And this too brings me to my next and final point.

    5. Golden Dawn is here for the long term and we will play a longer term game to win. While the trial against us falls apart, while our opposition continues to point fingers at each other while in fact lacking any distinguishing beliefs themselves, while the illegal immigrant crisis only continues to get worse, and while we stand proudly isolated from the treachery of the old politics and media, we will be consolidating our power and stance. We will grow in prestige while the faith in the current powers dies.

    Thus, we may not be in control next year or even the year after that. But our time is coming. We must continue forward, always forward. And it is by this path that we will win.

    • I admire your optimism. A few points:

      1) What is the status of the trial? You seem sure Golden Dawn will be vindicated, but the judges are bought and paid for by New Democracy. What is the likelihood at this point of a not-guilty verdict being reached?

      2) The result is very good because it demonstrates the loyalty of core support. Even with the smearing of Michaloliakos towards the end, and with an almost unprecedentedly low turnout, all the people who had voted Golden Dawn previously came out. This is of course more significant as Golden Dawn WON among the unemployed, and DOUBLED their support on the islands of Lesbos and Kos, former left wing strongholds.

      3) Based upon how Corneliu Codreanu achieved electoral success in Romania despite much worse persecutions and injustices than Golden Dawn has suffered, my advice is to not take the bait of the left and get into battles with them. They want deaths on their own side. They want a spectacle and they want to paint Golden Dawn as extremist murderers. You have to embrace a form of martyrdom because martyrdom is popular during times of mass dissatisfaction with politicians. You will come out as genuine and the others as frauds. Over and over again, it must appear that Golden Dawn are the ones who are being attacked while they try to defend Greeks from the horrors being heaped upon them. We all saw what happened in Kos, the people had their livelihoods destroyed by hordes of invaders, Golden Dawn showed up and doubled their vote by standing with the people who were totally ignored by the other parties. The islands should be returned to, continually by party members to meet with local workers and industries, show them that the KKE and Syriza would gladly sell them to Turkey, the left believes nations do not exist.

      I think if this trial ends favorably, Golden Dawn will surge because you will once again have been vindicated. Excuses not to vote for Golden Dawn will be none. The best message is this: if people vote for any other party, they are voting for Greece to become Pakistan, only poorer.

      • Considering how dry, hopeless, and by the numbers the opposition is, optimism is crucial. To respond to your 3 points:

        1. Believe me, I have my misgivings on the intents of the trial as a whole. It is indeed little more then a political ploy by New Democracy to halt there bleeding electorate. What gives me hope though is that for one thing one of the three judges, from what I recall, did not even want to go through with the trial at all and agreed that the laughable “evidence” provided by the prosecutors was insufficient to label us a criminal organization. As for the other judges, perhaps they really are bought out but I personally believe that they mostly did it to avoid an outcry by idiot leftists. Maybe I am wrong at that last point but that is what I feel.

        And while yes, the methods they have used are dubious, even a corrupt group like New Democracy cannot force a judge to rule a certain way in the face of overwhelming evidence against it. No amount of legal wrangling can change the outcome on the most important trial in Greece in decades.

        You need only watch how they are treating the trial to see how much faith that they have in achieving a guilty verdict. There was a undeniably a lot of hoopla at the start of the trial but it soon petered out with naught but a whimper. Only rarely will you see the trial discussed and only if it is something negative at all against Golden Dawn itself, with the misinterpreted and out of context quote from Michaloliakos being the most recent example.

        Most importantly of all though was the decision to not publicly televise the trial, but rather to let only written words out. For one thing, this allows the media to cherry pick info and quotes that suites an anti Golden Dawn agenda. But more notably, it displays the true lack of confidence that the crooks truly have in convicting us. Think about it, the media made a huge show of Golden Dawn leaders getting arrested and New Democracy bragged to Jewish organizations of their actions against us. If they truly felt the trial would be a surefire thing, they would no doubt have turned the court case into a show trial the likes of which would have made Stalin blush. Instead, we have a mostly concealed courtroom that lets only what they find acceptable out.

        2. I agree with you and maintain that while increasing support is always a good thing, the fact that we have stood our ground in popularity during an onslaught of slander is nothing short of a true accomplishment.

        3. What Golden Dawn needs above all else is to stand with all the Greeks, even to those who don’t like us. As they say, actions speak louder then words. Golden Dawn must maintain and even expand its presence on the streets and continue to show they are there and willing to actually take action, more then before. The food drives and other things are as good and important as ever but it seems more needs to be done.

        Now I know what I am about to say sounds silly but performing what are effectively community service projects at a time when the states resources are in short supply could be a moving factor for many. Organize groups to pick up trash, clean up graffiti, and whatever else the communities may need. If these or actions like these are taken, we can further show that we are a party of action and not a party of meaningless words like the other parties. And considering how low voter turnout was this last election due to decreasing faith in the political system, being the party that can get stuff done will be a deciding factor.

  4. I thought GD ran a strong campaign.
    If they had more time perhaps they may have travelled further and polled better but a good result considering the hurdles.
    The strong electioneering campaign must continue unabated till the next election to keep the momentum going and counter the media blackout .

  5. I am positive X.A., had more votes only lost in voter fraud. X.A. they are educating the people, to keep an open mind, by exposing who is running GREECE. The JEWISH, ZIONIST government of GREECE is killing GREEKS, they run the banks media etc. The day after the left “SYRIZA” along with there BUT BUDDIES, NEW DEMOCRACY, and the rest of the traitors, has made WHITE GENOCIDE, a fun thing . The left makes the DESTRUCTION of the “BIRTHPLACE” of western civilization seem natural, healthy and fun. They make survival and solidarity of “GREEK” people seem crazy, nasty, hate full . When you bring attention to this topic , this subject, or this idea, you are the problem. X.A is the answer and blessing to our fellow brothers, and sisters. My son started high school and I should mention is a HONOR ROLL student “APISTA”, very proud of him. When we skype last week he told me the school had a sign that said, who ever is going to faint stand over in this line. He did not want to be there, I am doing all I can to provide any and all assistance, for him, also to other GREEK families there . My son is aware and is proud of his CULTURE, and does not want it to be tainted, or diluted with diversity. I try not to talk to politics , with him however the other day he goes to me I am so proud of MAMA she voted for X.A. and realize that they are genuine and real for the every day ordinary person. I wish next time the GREEKS abroad can take part in the elections because I have CITIZINSHIP I am ELLIGEBLE to vote. GOLDEN DAWN SUPPORTER.

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