4 comments on “Our New Parliamentary Group:  Eighteen Fighters of the National Idea Against the Memorandum Regime  

  1. Congratulations on rising in popularity and at least gaining another seat to parliament. The other parties lost popularity and seats.

    Golden Dawn is here to stay and will take power once the people feel this next memorandum.

    Hail Greece! Hail Golden Dawn! Hail Michaloliakos!

  2. Not surprised at the outcome. The people of that nation have strayed afar indeed. Glad to see Eliopoulos back in the Bouli. I was really disgusted that he lost his seat while (unjustly) in jail … especially as he was separated from his newborn child.
    Curious. How do you mean one seat was stolen (for less than 1000 votes?
    Can you elaborate?

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