5 comments on “Post-Election Austerity Bomb To Hit Greece

  1. Just to add on this very well written article of the analysis of the average Greek mind 4 other factors that I believe they ‘ve played a role in these election results, with some of them providing some explanation on Greek peoples distrust to golden dawn as well as difficulty into realizing that they have to detach themselves from this toxic old habbit of voting the same criminals in power again and again.

    1. The fact that many Greeks still get hugely affected by the lies, the deep rooted leftist mentality of many decades, and the enormous anti-GD propaganda repeated on almost every media, resulting in them believing that GoldeN Dawn is simply a neonazi party that praises Hitler and has nothing to do with Greece, it’s history and the democratic values it represented. Even after everything they ‘ve been through.

    The generation of Greeks that are more easily affected by the mainstream media, lack of basic independent critical thinking and fall much more easily victims into the leftist and Zionist lies and propaganda are predominantly those of the baby boomers generation, the middle aged Greeks in other words.

    2. The very fact that the younger generation of Greeks who tend to be a little more openminded overall than their parents and will listen to what GD has to say easier and also have a deeper inner sense of justice due to their youth and also burning will and energy to kick off the old dirty criminal and rotten political establishment, are significantly less in number than the Greeks of the generation of Polytechneio, or else baby boomers generation.

    3. The fact that a big percentage of Greeks, a 41% of them, in other words 4 to 10 of them or almost 1 to 2, refused to even go to vote, after seeing through the undeniable lies and gigantic failure of Syriza into keeping its promises of forcing Europe and the German government to change their policies in Greece and Europe and somehow accept to tear up the memorandum and delete a big piece of the debt. All that combined with the solib belief that GD cannot be trusted cuz they are “violent neonazis” and all the other parties in Greece have now proven to be one of the same, liars and hypocrites, the decided to stray from voting on the elections convinced that by doing so they would send a very worrying discouraging message to the evil corrupted political establishment and punish them. Of course the way parliamentary democracy works, the only thing they accomplished by doing so, is empower the popularity of the 2 most popular big parties at the moment, Syriza and New Democracy, since by choosing not to vote at all they left room for those who would vote for these 2 to bring them in power anyway.

    4. Last but not least, another factor that surely played a role somewhat and added to the big success of Syriza again are the 100.000 illegal aliens (Albanians, Pakis, Afghanis etc.) in Greece that acquired citizenship very recently with the new, completely unconstitutional law of giving away the Greek citizenship that Syriza brought and thus voted for it.
    That should not be excluded to my opinion, since the number of illegal aliens is almost certainly expected to grow much bigger in the future, in an effort of the current ZOG political regime to maintain in power. By giving away illegal citizenship to aliens, they will be able to secure whole armies of faithful voters.

    • Yeah, that’s true, but that’s because the biggest number of these 16% voted for the new “resurrected” old PASOK in coalition with DIMAR (democratic leftism) and the psychopath Leventis, the president of the unity of centrists (enosi Kentroon), both parties that support the memorandum and the “progressed” change of Greece, when they say “progressed” they mean multiculturalism, open borders to nonewhites, legalization of homosexuality, even more hardcore dechristianization and western cultural propaganda.

      You see what the “system” does now in sneaky political tactics and games is to split in other and more minor parties of the exact same agenda, these smaller parties that “steal” the votes and the trust of the Greeks from the old hated big parties then will form a coalition with the old big ones in order for the same almost political figures to rule again and practise all the orders they take from EU, memorandum and illegal immigration in Greece and Europe.

      That’s what they do now, they split in more new and older but renewed parties which promise the sky and the stars and after the elections they form coalitions with the big ones like Syriza or if they don’t, they cooperate with them, voting their proposals in parliament and thus completing the necessary number of ministers (>150 out of 300) needed for a Syriza law to pass, cuz all the Jews are concerned with, is to have a way to pass the “necessary changes” needs to be done, not which party in Greece is going to do it.

      Also do not forget, by sponsoring and promoting many “anti-Syriza or anti-ANEL” other parties that are of the same political agenda nonetheless, they might not “steal” votes from the Greeks that decided to vote for GD anyway, but they make them end up less significant in their total vote percentage next to all other parties and mostly less efficient regarding their presence and influence inside the parliament and their ruling.

      Another reason which I believe they do that is that by coming up with new parties of “progression” and EU-centered policies is to give “solutions” to vote for Greeks who are disgusted with the old major parties after everything they ‘ve done and don’t trust them any more, something like some sort of “controlled opposition” for the distrust and anger to find place. Those Greeks who are undecided and feel confused thus will “fall to the trap” and go and vote for these split small parties, ignoring the fact that come many of them are from the same agenda Syriza or ANEL are, and that means that they won’t “make the mistake” of going to vote the real opposition which is Golden Dawn.

      So the system is trying to play smart as you see. If the ZOG can’t get rid of GD coming dangerously close to power and gaining more publicity, after they have tried everything in order to make them disappear, they will now play games of political structure and come up with a ton of various parties all promising what the Greeks want to hear.

      Do not forget, all they care about is to desperately keep the same political agenda in power and cutting GD of its rise politically, nothing else. All the other parties are ALL ZOG, without a single exception. They ll do anything it takes, to politically erase GD, that’s their main fear, not if Syriza or Anel lose votes, if they lose, the other parties will do the job.

      That is how I explain this decline in Syriza and ANEL and the new smaller parties in the parliament after these elections, but they ignore the fact that even if it takes for the majority of Greeks to try all parties one after the other till they finally realize that simply it is ONLY GD that truly cares for their own existence, the truth will shine brightly in the end noo matter what new games they find to play, because GD will NOT die, it is not going NOWHERE, and will only grow to their most frightening hateful nightmare, everything they do will only makes us stronger and stronger!
      It will take time and patience, we need to find it more time for more pain to take affect, 40 yrs before the crisis did a very good job, it was their time of strategy of dumping down the Greeks, now they can’t hide anymore, one after the other all of them will prove who and what they really serve, now its our time, till all their deception and true colors find no place to hide.
      To the final victory!

  2. “The first thing one must understand about these elections was the timing. The announcement of SYRIZA signing the memorandum and betraying Greek voters was done in the summer time when most Greeks are away in villages or islands. Second, the choice of Tsipras to resign and force elections on September 20th is literally days before the first taxes are implemented, the first one being a gigantic property tax. This was deliberate. The Greek government rushed to have elections now before they suffer any huge decline.”

    This was one of the 5 points I made 2 days ago on the article with Michaloliakos’s post election address. Point number 3 I believe it was.

    Tsipras may be an incompetent traitor when it comes to actual leadership but you have to give credit where credit is due; he as well as the entirety of Syriza possess great talents when it comes to campaigning and deflecting things that were clearly their fault. The egotism of the Greek people that this article later mentions is not just true of the average Greek but even the higher echelons as well. Tsipras possesses this trait to an absurd and ultimately damaging degree as his compulsive lying and self centered focus can attest to but it does give him the type of charm and charisma needed to win people for elections. Add that to his admittedly youthful and good looking appearance and you have the ideal posterboy for left wing university intellectuals.

    As this article also mentioned though, even the stubborn nature of the Greeks has its limits. You may remember the celebrating of the Syriza electorate back in January. While people with some common sense could see through it all, for others Syriza’s victory was seen as some grand event and realization, as if all of Greece’s problems were now solved. For lack of better words, I liked to call it “The Magic of Syriza” phenomenon. These people were effectively under some delusional spell that made them believe everything that was told to them by their saviors.

    Well suffice to say that the delusion is even now already almost completely gone. And not just for them either. Enthusiasm as a whole seems to be dead in other parties as well. Whereas for Golden Dawn, an eagerness for the movement prevails even in the trying times we specifically are in, the other parties can at best get lukewarm support. Tell me, when was the last time you heard someone say “Ah yeah man, I am going to vote for New Democracy!” or “Bro, bro, lets go to that Potami rally! It’s gonna be killer!” These parties are getting voted almost out of obligation rather then any actual belief in their abilities and ideas. I mean I am sure you will hear some of the decades old “workers revolution” chants from decrepit KKE supporters but for the most part the only group that has the genuine faith of its supporters is the Popular Association.

  3. Good article and analysis. I’m glad to hear the acknowledgement that voter fraud is a factor here, but I fear and suspect it may be far more significant than just robbing 1 or 2 seats. For the party leaders to be firmly and repeatedly predicting double-digit results before the elections, only to experience a ~1% increase since last elections, doesn’t sound right at all. Some sellout polling agencies even had higher predictions for the party, and their predictions are almost always under-reported.

    Further suspicions are raised when you look at the basic math. The party grew and even doubled its support in many parts of Greece, yet their overall percentage stayed roughly the same as last election. This would mean that the party also *lost* voters in many areas, and I don’t see this being very likely, given the worsening of the overall situation in Greece and clear-cut betrayal by the leftist government.

    I can only speculate, but I am assuming the party leaders know they have been robbed of many votes, but are hesitant on how to best approach the situation. I think it could be beneficial for them to address voter fraud openly, whether or not they choose to take an accusative approach (unless they have firm evidence, in which case, by all means).

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