2 comments on “N. G. Michaloliakos: Golden Dawn Will Resist the Destructive Plans of the New Government

  1. I have a feeling that Golden Dawn is going to explode in the polls now that the 3rd memorandum passed.

  2. Golden Dawn i so wish we had so many people ready to stand up unafraid against this invasion of these horrendous sub-humans.It sicken’s me when i see my countrymen and women just sitting on their hands,oh they do the odd demo or so,but that’s just entertainment for the scum and does nothing while they train in the gym for the oncoming fight.I have no idea what everyone thinks is going to happen when they kick off they have already run the police in the street a couple of times.We have no organisation,different patriot groups argue with different patriot groups instead of coming together.I have had to put myself under house arrest as i just want to attack them and its been 2 years since my last attack,its like being in jail,but i am ready for when it starts.I realise i cannot rely on anyone else so i am concentrating on getting things together and getting myself fit and ready.They do not scare me,they repulse me,and i am ready! I wish we had a Golden Dawn,but i am afraid i cannot see it happening,sad but true!!

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