11 comments on “Mouzalas-Kaminis In Agreement: All of Athens Will Become a Camp for Illegal Immigrants!

  1. Are they bloody mad? Oh well at least we will all know where they are so they won’t be there long.We have seen what ISIS do to places of historical interest this is an insane idea to say the very least!

    • When the Ottoman Empire conquered the Eastern Roman Empire remaining lands in Greece and the Balkans in 1430, 1453 and 1461, Greeks became a discriminated, mistreated, overtaxed and oppressed religious minority. Greek culture and civilization ceased to be a source of great art, music, science and technology. In the 15th century, Italy of the Renaissance became the great source of art, music, creativity, science and technology. The 15th century there was a huge geopolitical, socioeconomic, scientific, technological power from the collapsing Eastern Roman Empire to the flowing and dynamic lands and peoples of Italy, Spain and Portugal. For about 400 years, Greek civilization became nothing all of the sudden under sword of Ottoman domination. Yet one history professor told me that 1453 triggered 1492. Fall of Greeks to Ottoman Turks decisively forced the Italians, Spanish and Portuguese to search for trade routes and lands elsewhere. And Christopher Columbus found and conquered paradise. Modern science started in Greece, but the european peoples in Renaissance Italy, in Spain, in Portugal and in Britain and France would greatly accelerate modern science with their creativity, passion and knowledge.

  2. The old Greece consisted of philosophers, mathematicians, scientists. People like Archimedes, Pericles, Plato, Socrates, and Hercules built it into a great National state. Now Greece is composed of your local Mohammed and violent Nig nog.

    Hail Hellas!

    • 400 years of Ottoman Turkish rule ended that old Greece. That Hellas was nonexistent for centuries. From the 15th century and until the 19th century, all the great philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, composers, artists, inventors were Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, German, Russian, Austrian and Hungarian. It seems that there was about a 400 year void or black hole in Greek civilization. Very few great and inventive greeks appeared in that time period.

  3. Europe is starting to look like the Middle East. Funny how they hate us and want us infidels/goyim gone, yet they come to our beautiful and well established countries/homes. Some things never change… Certain people always carry others through life. The scales tip once again. Let’s hold your hands once again and walk you through life just so you can get hostile against and bite he hand that feeds you in the future. The left has created a reward system for the useless and incompetent at our expense of course. Lucky for you they are in office… For now… Don’t be surprised when this all changes soon and your meal tickets end after the GD gets their well deserved chance. Then the true restoration begins! I pray for this to happen every day.

    • Europe, the western white civilization and the entire white lization have largely declined and are on their way to decay and absolute decadence, even without the racial problem and replacing talking place, without that meaning that we should exclude the last card -the final hit and complete disaster- the “master”race, the ETERNAL PARASITES have designed and worked on for centuries against the whites, and that’s that type of the biological war with the racial replacement and mixing we are being forced into today.

      Before though we start, as usual, to blame the nose..the eternal parasite and any goyim working excessively to serve the “master” race’s racial, financial and national interests, we must search deep and develop a deep leveled as well as fully honest criticism for the ENORMOUS responsibility of this hell, paranoia and absolute rotten of our world and civilization into our very own people and disgusting traitors who live their lives against the wellness of their flesh&racial family, dedicated to the high ambition of serving the Jew’s disgusting evil deceptive interests and high expectations of ruling the entire world.

      When Europeans anywhere found and living on this planet themselves slowly and progressively gave in so easily – in just a 3 or 4 the most generations- to the complete rape of their Christendom, cultural and moral values, classical traditional principles in every aspect of life, their love and honorable devotion and faith to their homeland and religion..And have turned into modern atheistic and such individualistic and money-hungry material consuming WORTHLESS idiotic creatures..with a hidden sense of “oikophobia” and an excessive self loathing love and enthusiasm to foreign life styles, foreign matters and foreign cultural influences..such as music (rap, hip hop, r’n’b, negro African reggae genes, piercings, tattoos everywhere, negro American shitty rap slang, disgusting modern simplified minimalistic architecture, undermining of white western standards and death of chivalry and so many other, etc etc)….
      Who are we really to blame?!
      Should we just throw the responsibility into the Jew’s master plan of global Judaic perverted anti-white goyim slavery and submission..or should we also look deep into it and be brave enough and responsible enough to grow strong and more mature out of it upon the very realistic and harsh realization that we have allowed to the disgusting masters in deception parasites to actually manage to weaken us that much..that today they rule us and serve us our complete death and decline of our culture and race with our own apathy and many times will as well?!

      How can an entire -superior and fully creative and advanced in every form and way next to all others in this planet- civilization and “empire”, such as the white man’s world, bow down so shamelessly and accept to allow spread like cancer it’s own decadence in its own people and home?!
      Are we ever going to examine that with full honesty..And finally try to use what these parasites managed to do to us with wisdom and realization in order to now begin to use it in our favor? Grow mature out of it and use the absolute decline of our societies as a hard lesson of what happens to a race or country when it ceases to nurture its own cultural identity and doesn’t do anything it takes to defend and protect itself from others for example ! Something that Hitler and Goebbles and many other great European minds were seeing in full already and knew what was waiting for the white peoples world if they lost the war..in front of the unbelievable lust for corrupting and deceiving artificial world power and world control by the Jews..who btw are so few in number next to the rest of the world’s population ! And they always win and rule by way of DECEPTION, deception and weak lies just as their motto in their Mossad says, which clearly means their power upon us IS COMPLETELY artificial and fake, not true and solid thus strong, in every way! As much as artificial our entire world is today!

      Is it our fault too, or is it only the deceiving and carefully orchestrated secret tactics the Jews used to infiltrate all of our power stations (politicians, the army, church, academic institutions, monetary system, production, science centers etc.) In order to manage to rule us with masks?
      Can and is it mature and truly beneficial for us to ALWAYS blame them or anyone else for falling as cattles and naive victims into the Jew’s sophisticated lying weak mentality of fooling and ruling ?
      Or should we maybe look out for own idiotic gullibility and weak defense mechanism against any foreign sophisticated or not ruling of whatever way and careful method?

      What I am trying to say with all that is simply this! We, Europeans and whites, have a great responsibility OURSELVES too, a great own, for “chewing and swallowing” all the fake artificial Jewish anti-Christian and anti-white lies, money handling methods and deception, to allow them at the first place to rule us and cause tremendous abrupt inhuman “revolutionary” changes with the ultimate goal to weaken, rape and destroy our world and culture, of thousand years, born by the ancient Greeks and then spread throughout the entire Western world by the Romans, a world of superior ideals and understanding that gave birth to the most ideal and creative civilization of all times!! The white civilization, made by the white people, the biggest and most dangerous obstacle to the Jews who seek to bring mankind in the point of 0 and rule a dark, inhuman and fully enslaved dumb world!

      Europeans have lost their pride and honor to their own homelands, their own race, cultural identity and ideals, they have spitted on their own accomplishments and their own religious status, they betrayed their own genes and people, they have become so shameful and watered down money-depending stupid individualistic useless creatures that lost sense and genuine care of the community, they lost the solid strong faith in the HIGH PRINCIPLES such as self-sacrifice and honor for their own people and their very own interests and preservation of everything that defines them as a race and unique unity next time the rest of the world, instead of living spiritually..superior and humann-centered..with honor and morals, they live to serve their owm ass and materialistic endless individual needs..

      And then we wonder why all these things happen to us today and now we are witnessing our own people and lands fully under the power of dirty soulless material-worshipers useless weak liars such as the weak ugly Jews and white traitors, undisturbed completing our own biological cease of existence as well.

      What white people need to realize first, to my opinion, globally, is the wounded and lost forgotten identity, they need to acknowledge who they TRULY ARE AND TRULY WERE, always, they need to go Back to what our ancestors taught us and resurrect the old ways of living and practicing our rich moral principles and cultural standards, focus overall on protecting their own unique race and anything it defines it.

      Nature is the biggest fascist out of all! This is coming sense. This is how nature and the natural order is. Any kind of creature that ceases in its path in life to preserve and develop itself, it is doomed and destined to weaken and die, either eaten and conquered by others, or because it is no longer sustainable!
      The strongest ones survive, and it takes years and centuries from generation to generation to build that necessary wisdom and strengrh in order to know how a race or culture can efficiently protect itself and develop, against all possible threats and outsiders, sophisticated or not!

      That is I believe that if we wish to actually move forward and grow wiser, much wiser,more careful and stronger out of this white genocide and Judaic HELL, we need to focus upon our own racial improvement and wholeheartedly RETURN back to what our ancestors told us! Before we can stop what you’re dirty lying masters in deception have managed to do to us, there is ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER WAY. No other way!

      The endless babbling and Jew bashing will never benefit us any more into anything!
      And honestly, the only solution out of this rapid decline of the western world and our entire countries and people is the basic principle that involves in 2 words summarized, everything I wrote above.

      ~> BLOOD = HONOR

      The only faith that can save white people and their rightfull right of existence to the sick and evil enslaved Satanic world the Jews have worked on secretly for centuries!

      The only answer for Europeans is to dismiss and abolish the modern artificial world today in all its dimensions and embodiments and go back to what their ancestors worked hard on and created, in a life full of principles and a strong sense of duty and honor to our own people! We are ALL together in this, and we really do need one another, we are a community, a full unity of people that share a common spiritual and cultural world of understanding and racial identity, that is why the entire white race is being brutally attacked in all kinds of sophisticated careful ways!
      As a great leader who was a great humanitarian and peace-used to say some 75yrs back, 2 generations back roughly,
      “The most valuable and precious thing that we have in this world, is our own people, without it we will cease to exist, without our own people we are nothing”.

      The only ONLY way to fight Back SOLELY LEGALLY AND FULLY RIGHTFULLY to earn ourselves the right to exist in the future, is through our own development and hard work,its through our own commitment of change and rebirth into a whole new level, a commitment with honor into hard work, a life full of real meaningful purpose and values..And that is through quitting of feeling like victims and helpless toys to the dirty disgusting weak pathetic parasites called Jews, and becoming faithful soldiers, in BODY AND MIND,
      It’s through understanding and fully comprehending who we are, going back to our old world, quitting the pointless painful depressive hedonism of this world..it’s through national socialism!

      I’m done with the endless moaning and bashing of the weak parasites. The damage they ve done to us is fully known and analyzed by now. Their plan of massive global order is in full implementation. And that is because we are standing there, looking, apathetic into our own DEATH penalty, like as if we owe to these dirty desert Semetic shameless and without honor worms something.

      We should stop feeling so helpless and like miserable victims into all this and take the situation into our own hands, and that can only happen by focusing into our own people,doing everything we can to help them understand and living a life of active social contribution to the community in whatever way possible.

      The only reason the Jews are so strong and efficient today, is because we allowed ourselves for them to infect us, make us sick and weaken us in every way imaginable, and that is because our cultural / racial identity was watered down all of these years. Only Golden Dawn and every true authentic nationalist mentality and movement can provide hope for our existence and build the strong future sustainable generations to come so that they will never be that easily fooled and betrayed again! There is no other way for white folks to survive.

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