6 comments on “Israelis and Germans arrange to make Special Economic Zones for Illegal Immigrants in Greece!

  1. When people say, “Oh the Capitalists or the right or the republicans are against immigration” I have to smile. The Marxists love immigration because it means less white people. Capitalists love immigration because it means that wages go down and workers are pushed out of the market.

  2. On the island of Karpathos a Dutch had all his possessions stolen when albanians invaders broke into his home and stole everything. Germans are being evicted to invaders can have their homes, Israelis get foreign aid and steal other peoples land.

    Don’t you think it’s time to get over this manufactured anti German sentiment. It Jews and only jews,

    • Get over it? Yes obviously Jews are pulling the strings, but that does not excuse the millions of German leftists and conservatives who have no issue with supporting a flood of animals through Greek borders, we are supposed to just give these people a pass?

      There are thousands of Greek leftists and conservatives who also go along with this garbage, just because they are influenced by Jews, we are supposed to forgive them, and only focus on Jews?

      On many islands like on Kos, there was reports of Dutch women giving food to illegal invaders on Greek land without any regard or respect for the Greeks who have been raped and murdered by these people, and believe me it aint Jewish Dutch women handing out food on those ports in Kos and Lesvos.

      • You are absolutely correct. No we should NEVER give these people a pass for they are traitors to their country and their race. The zionist media brainwashes the masses, that is why I have NOT watched TV for over 10 years. I can actually think clearer as a result. When I talk to some Greeks where I live they believe that all Greek troubles come from Germany. This is what zionist media teaches by divide and conquer, but we the youth know their games all to well.

        I gently explain to them that Germany is also in a strangle hold from zionists, and it is not uncommon for German Nationalists to be put in prison for 10 years for “thought crimes”. My brother Greek Nationalists know exactly the truth of what is going on. European Youth have awoken and it is a New Dawn, a Golden Dawn.

        For those who have not seen this please view > http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.1902/video-arms-shipment-hidden-among-aid-to-refugees.html >

        Arms shipment hidden among aid to refugees > The Greek Coast Guard and customs intercepted an aid container for “refugees” (who are almost all male and of fighting age) that was filled with weapons and ammunition. It appears that this was only reported on by local Greek news and has not been covered anywhere else. Hmm, I wonder why.

        …………….. SNIP ………………..

        Remember places, traitors faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes. Hands across the sea for European Unity! Together we will win, the tables are turning.

  3. These Dutch lefties women or foreigners in greece handing out food to these muslim scum, why don’t they hand out to poor greeks that are doing it tough with the German eu austerity on greece. Theses foreigns sluts should be jailed for supporting illegal invaders.

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