One comment on “The Illegal Immigrant Health Bomb Is Ready to Explode – Dutch Tourist Catches Cholera in Kos!

  1. Ok so here is something i heard last night from my mother as she returned from work. A work colleague just got back from a holiday in Greece where he spent it on the island of Kos. In the early morning he would take a walk to a small secluded beach where he encountered a goat fucker who was on his mobile speaking in an aggressive tone to someone on the other end. This friend of my mom’s didnt think much of it. The next day same time same place the same goat fucker was there doing the same thing, the 3rd day exactly the same again. This is where he now got very suspicious and as luck would have it he was staying on the island with a friend who happened to be a cop so he told his friend about this and they went to investigate where they arrested him and when the cop returned home he told my mom’s colleague that they hit the jackpot and caught a suspected member of ISIS which was thanks to his suspicion of that goat fucker. Here is the thing. Why hasnt there been any media coverage about this????? Oh yeah i forgot, the leftwing jihadist media would have a hard time explaining that and so would tsipouras. What else dont we know of?????
    PS i cant confirm this that its true but i have no reason to believe that it isnt

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