12 comments on “The 18 Nationalist MPs From Golden Dawn Were Sworn-In – On the Front Lines in the Struggle For Fatherland and Freedom

  1. Not enough young people there!

    XA has a serious image problem in Greece in part to their own naivety and a jewish press.

      • In relation to the other parties, it doesn’t mean anything.
        How many twenty and thirty year old’s are there?

        No better way to connect with the younger generation.

        Where is the door to door/street action informing about the enemy? Screaming heads on tv don’t cut it. Think outside the box.

        Learn to take positive criticism.

      • With 18 to 30 year olds, Golden Dawn is the top ranking party. So your criticism is not based on facts. Door to door street Action, is done more by Golden Dawn than any other party in Greece. That is how it gained so much support in the center of Athens in areas such as Agios Pantelimonas, where literally every business around the square is pro Golden Dawn.

        Despite Golden Dawn being #1 with the 18-30 demographic, this group has one of the lowest voter turnouts across the board for all parties. That is a problem that is due to many factors, and just political reasons.

      • Sorry were not seeing the same problem. Remember I’m on your side here.

        The voting 18-30 demographic has les people then there are illegal invaders.

        My point is where are the 18-30 demographic in the photo at the top of the article? XA should be educating young people on the the jew and his geopolitics, and putting them in front for all to see.

  2. Uplifting photograph. look forward to that special day when the Greek people finally awake and decide to fill there Parliament with the Nationalist of Golden Dawn….!!!

  3. HAHAHA! 18 M of P!! What a magical number! Congratulations to all greeks comrades! Fight back comrades for the Fatherland and for Europa!

  4. True Hellenic spirit in these men! Also in those who support them. Fight for Hellenic existence and survival! We have been around for too long and contributed too much. This is the thanks we get?! Extinction?! It cannot happen, it will not happen. May god help GD on their brave journey…

  5. I just got to Athens and I see with my own eyes the damage that is happening to Greece. I am still shaking from anger, and tears are falling from my eyes. Imagine under the Acropolis all you can hear are the drum sounds from Africa. Imagine seeing stores selling Muslim garb in Monastiraki. Imagine seeing Africans and Muslims walking around with big mouths like they own Athens now. Oh, I freaked out on some of them, but no one cared, and I was called crazy for speaking up. I hope Xrisi Avgi will do something about the degradation of Greece in the New World Order. If Greeks don’t follow them now, it will be too late to do anything later. I personally will still speak up though, and hopefully they won’t lock me up because I am a woman.

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