3 comments on “Thousands Of illegal immigrants Cleared Off Lesvos So That… Tsipras And Faymann Can Take A Romantic Stroll

  1. My comment is short and sweet…That “controlled” disgusting piece of effluent, Tsipras, should have been arrested long ago…!!!

    • All the politicians in power in the world are guilty of high treason and are part of the (NWO) new world order. In government schools the Marxist education system dumb down any logical thought process of the people. Many years of indoctrination in schools and brainwashing on the TV make many people into useful idiots of the repressive corrupt system. Luckily though we are not all sheep and easy to manipulate as they thought. Viva Europa!

    • It’s disgusting to watch the ZOG puppet Tsipras try to posture as a real leader of his people. He visits Lesvos just long enough to strike a pose for the cameras, absolutely nothing changes, and then he’s off again to get his next set of orders from his Masters.

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