16 comments on “German Mainstream Media:  We’re Keeping Greece in the Euro So We Can Seize Her Mineral Wealth!

  1. Then there can be no more doubts about it. Greece, without a question, must leave the European Union. Any party in favor of the EU are accomplices in national treason. They would sell of the wealth of Greece and the future of the nation just to fill their pockets.

    There are no easy decisions left for Greece but there are still correct decisions. The decision that would best serve us is to leave the EU and go alongside Putin against them. It is in this way that we stand the best chance.

  2. First course of action when Greece is back in the hands of Greeks is to cut all ties with the bombastic German Government filth.

  3. Greeks must also stop buying anything German. Many of us own their cars. The elites have most Greeks thinking all we are good for is entertaining tourists as if Greece is their playground. Just imagine… A car or computer made in Greece. Even something bigger. The Japanese have done it. They have a nationalist mentality and are far more disciplined than us. They are like the old us! They always respected and admired the Greeks! We molded them. Now the tables have turned. Foreign victory/occupation has set us back more than 500 years! I can’t help but wonder – is Putin really the solution or controlled opposition? A recent general of the Hellenic army said that Greece is all alone with no allies. Scary thought with all the turmoil now a days. One thing is certain – we must leave the EU!

    • Let us be clear here, Putin has his own motivations and plans. He is not by any means 100% devoted to us or any of the other nationalists in Europe. But nonetheless, he shares the desire to fight the pro Zionist western powers and stands resolute in the face of the same cultural marxism that has run rampant in places like Germany and others. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be skeptical of him. But he is nonetheless a powerful ally to have.

      While it is true that we do not have many allies currently, if fellow nationalists in other nations continue to revolt at the insanity that is being pushed on them, we will begin seeing more and more allies. Groups like the Hungary’s Jobbik will undoubtedly prove vital to Golden Dawn’s success.

    • Bravo!

      Your comment about controlled opposition rang alarm bells immediately. I remembered the interview (Putin & Netanyahu: Our ties are getting stronger and stronger) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWwNpnhr7Bc

      Most Europeans now understand the formation of the EEC and (EURO) was just another Zionist tool to control all of Europe and Europes resources.

      Greece must leave the Euro and gain her independence back from the Zionist strangle hold.

      I’m surprised that many Greeks I know just can’t or don’t want to understand that Germany is monetarily, and her culture has been raped by Zionists for over 75 years, and it still continues.

      In Germany there is no freedom to speak the truth. If the German dares question certain events of her false history it carries at least a 10 years prison sentence for thought crimes or inciting racial hate. True Nationalists all over Europe are coming together and I know for a fact that many support Golden Dawn in one way or another. This is very encouraging.

      • The average Greek in Greece is very emotional and not logical, they tend not to think of why our how Germany got to be this way, they only see “Germans” doing it, forgetting that the Americans control Germany, and the Jews control America.

        This lack of analytical thinking, combined with the media pushing “blame Merkel and the Germans” is what causes this.

        The narrative fits because of years of propaganda, most of them just go along with it.

        Interestingly, despite the fact that Italy invaded Greece with Germany. Italians generally have a good image in Greece, because they see Italians, especially southern Italians as related to them culturally and racially. Germans are seen as arrogant and cold, lacking social warmth, which helps the media exploit the anti-German narrative.

        This “public relations” thing with emotional manipulation works very well on Greeks, if Germans were acting like Italians in social interaction with Greeks, the Greeks would be less Critical of them and believe that the government is separate from the people.

    • Jews are using the Muslims as their attack dogs to infiltrate and destroy Europe. Muslims hate Jews, but they aren’t intelligent enough to understand they are doing the Jews dirty work all the time.

  4. Very true, but they also got the German people emotionally blind as well. The tell each other over social media and such not to travel to Greece (one of their favorite locations) and “give” them even more money. As if they don’t owe us any! Reparations?! Fact is Greece is one of the few countries not given any but we’re severely robbed and exploited. One can see the old grudge between us. They also think a bit too highly of themselves like the French. The Western Europeans looked down on the Eastern Europeans for ages. They forget that while they sat back and did nothing – Greece took on almost an entire continent alone! Even the Romans did nothing till after Greece fell. I wish we could all unite for a common cause, by all means. Just seems difficult. Germans, like the Greeks and pretty much most of the world should be furious at their leaders. People are ones that suffer. Too many cowards. Sweden is now the rape capitol thanks to turd worlders invading. Where are the men to protect their women, children and elderly?! I even saw an interview where a reporter asks a group of young Muslim men why they were going to Europe and they simply responded “for the women!” Laughingly… Sorry for going slightly off topic but there’s just too much going on. I wish there were more of us out there.

    • The problem is not the Germans they run there country as the seem fit,what benefits them as a nation..the problem are the Greeks in Greece I’d say 60 % are communists, and 30% brainwashed by them that GD are fascist, that leaves us with 10 % everything else…not good…basically the majority of the ” Greeks ” are Bolsheviks just like there leader/s… we have a very slim rate survival….and today’s Greeks have no relation to the ancient Greeks….if we did this crap would not of be happening today…

      • 60% of Greeks aren’t communists, where are you getting your statistics from. There is already plenty of evidence that modern Greeks descend from Ancient Greeks, there have been numerous anthropologist and later geneticists who have done studies on the subject. Scandanavians are also decendant from vikings, do they act like Vikings now? Actually they act like a bunch of cowards despite their ancestors going around on ships and plundering.

        So what exactly gives you such ideas “kon”?

      • There retarded attitude, to deny what is good for them…..I’ve been there and have seen there attitude….

      • Yeah, well I lived there… so where did you get the idea that 60% are communists. You think pasok and ND are “communist” parties?

      • Ok, listen if you want to post here. Please don’t say stupid things, calling Pasok and ND “Communist” is pretty retarded seeing as they were ruling the country for 40 years taking orders from the Americans and going right along with international capitalism to the extreme. So saying things like this just makes it hard to believe you know what you are talking about.

  5. Please check your sources, not much of this is real. The actual article of the “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten” is neither negative or positive. It just actually says that greek has no oil and no industry that europe needs and only answers the question why europe even bothers leaving them in, answering the question with the pipeline.

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