8 comments on “What Refugees???  “Disguised” Jihadists – Professional Killers Are Invading Our Fatherland Everyday! PHOTOS

  1. Bulgarian Brothers (Defenders of Europe) show Europe how it is done! Bravo!

    Bulgaria: Soldiers deployed to block refugees at Macedonian border. Dozens of heavily armed Bulgarian soldiers and a Humvee were deployed to the Macedonian border near the Gyueshevo checkpoint, Wednesday to prevent refugees and migrants entering the country.

    The Marxists call themselves “activists” but in reality they are (race traitors) who are helping immigrants, aka, well trained “Jihadists” to enter Europe.

    They should all be charged with treason, because this is exactly what it is, treason against Europe and treason against humanity.

    Islam has no place in Europe. Islam is not compatible with European culture and moral values.

    • That’s the Skopian Border, actually the people who make up the country calling itself “Macedonia” are in fact Bulgarians also, but during the 90s they tried to take the Greek name Macedonia for their country in order to try to get credit somehow for Greek history when communist yugoslavia collapsed.

      The real Macedonians live in the northern areas of Greece and speak Greek, just as the ancient Macedonians did.

      • I understand exactly what you are saying. You are correct. I know there is a bit of history between Greeks and Bulgarians, this should never divide us, especially not in this critical time in Europe.

        I have Brothers who are Greek and some Brothers who are Bulgarians. Now more than ever we must come together as a fist, and put our differences aside to defend Europe against these invaders of Europe, or European culture and identity will be lost forever. Once we loose our European identity we cannot turn back the clock, we must prevent this at all costs.

        Everyday I bring my Greek Brothers and Bulgarian Brothers together in this Racial Holy War, that has been waged against us Europeans (by stealth) by the treacherous Marxists and Zionists.

        We must never ever fight between ourselves or fight against our European Brothers.

        Never again Brother fighting Brother.

        No More Brothers Wars.

  2. This is not an issue of fighting, we don’t have a problem that these people are Bulgarians, in fact this country calling itself “Macedonia” not only tries to steal Greek history, they try to rebrand Bulgarian Slav national heroes as “Macedonian” despite the fact that these people called themselves Bulgarian, spoke Bulgarian and are also national heroes of Bulgaria. Naturally this has angered the people in Bulgaria.

    So you see, this country skopia, calling itself “Macedonia” is merely a former Soviet relic now used by Nato and the Zionists as a satellite state. This isn’t a matter of Greeks fighting Bulgarians over a piece of land.

    It is a country with a made up ethnicity created in the last century , sponsored by zionists (similar to albania, although Albanians are a real ethnicity) that tries to distort/undermine Greek and Bulgarian history.

    • Yes, again, you are absolutely correct. I think I did not explain myself properly. I know many Greek and Bulgarian Nationalists who are unfortunately divided over the issue you have correctly explained, namely because the truth has been hidden from many of them, by the Zionist media propaganda machine, which only serves to cause divisions between Greek and Bulgarian Nationalists, and other Nationalists for that matter.

      As European Nationalists we are doing everything we possibly can to save European Culture and European Identity by disseminating the truth of exactly what is going on in Europe.

      I dream of a Europe fully united to protect and save European Identity and European Culture. I have a very strong feeling my dream will come true in my lifetime. The European can only be pushed so far.

      The more Nationalists I speak to from all over Europe and the World I understand that the true European will fight until the end for this is our last fight for our freedom.

  3. Text book lesson here even a child can understand – Christian killers allowed to enter Christian lands = deliberate!!! Only a sick demented lefty will argue otherwise! Time to overthrow Syriza. This should be easy for GD from this point on once this gets out. I’m sure they will call Suckerberg to meet up with Greek “officials” once they are done with the censoring of fb in Germany via Merkhell. Social media is under attack in Europe as well as it is a quick way to get info out to the masses. When the Europeans finally wake up and get hostile only then will we see action. Armies are not allowed to be deployed against “poor, displaced refugees” obviously… Time for the people to act.

  4. Immigration only enriches us and we need it, according to the left and most government figures all across the EU. If so why do countries like Germany and France want to pass migrants on to other countries? Why are Hungary and others closing their borders if immigration is all good?

    • At this point, it seems they feel they don’t even need to give people an explanation. This kind of blatant traitorism and open lying used to be a more Greek thing. Now it seems even countries with a so called “low corruption index” are doing the exact same thing. Merkel and her Jewish handlers are basically telling people to go fuck themselves.

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