5 comments on “VIDEO: Communists Go Hysterical in Greek Parliament When Golden Dawn asks about Their Finances!

  1. Lagos is the Best . He’s a real life Spartan !
    God Bless him and all of our patriots !
    Hail victory !

  2. Well done Mr. Lagos! Poke them in the eye and show the World for what they really are: a bunch of hypocrites!!! Keep it up GD!!!

    Could xaameriki or GD Australia keep us informed on the trial? All there is on the web is the mainstream media biased crap.

  3. I was forgetting…How come in Greece the parents of “Killah P” can appear in the trial as witnesses of their own son’s murder without having witnessed the events, and accuse Mr. Lagos of having ordered the murder if they didn’t hear him do so (I believe he didn’t anyway) and accuse all GD without providing any proof??? All they can give on the events is their opinion, which is not valid as proof in a trial.

    Here in Spain and in any normal country, they wouldn’t be admitted as witnesses, they would only attend the trial.

    • Because Greece is controlled by Syriza, which is a pawn to Germany, which in turn is a satellite of the USA, which is controlled by world international Jewry.
      I also found it really weird that a judge would allow a victims mother to testify. Obviously she is going to be hysterical and strike sadness in the jury. Heck I feel terrible for any mother that loses a son. However, in a Court of law her testimony is hearsay since she was not a witness and has nothing to do with the trial. Let me ask you this. Will Manolis Kapelonis or Lambros Fontoulis parents be allowed to testify at the trial of the rapper? No, because only Marxist, liberal, black, non white lives matter.

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