7 comments on “The Jihadists Are Shaving Their Beards and Escaping From Syria – All The ISIS Punks Are Coming To Greece Dressed as … “Refugees”

    • It’s insane how the Leftist’s hate their race, and everything normal and just in the world. They believe that we are all the same, but this is an illusion. We are not all the same, that’s why we have different countries, different cultures, different languages, and different religions. Leftists love to yell out “RACIST” when normal people protest against the unjust policies. Islam is not a race it is a ideology. Ideology and race are two different things, but try telling that to the uneducated Leftists.

      • The leftists are interently self destructive. They support the invasion of Islam which will violently oppose their pro-homosexual and “free minded” lifestyles.

        They of course prefer not to think of it as “invasion”. They feel that as long as they are morally “good people”, Saying the compassionate, “progressive” thing is all that matters.

        The reason why that matters is it makes them feel good. It boosts their ego, so they don’t even worry about the future effect on people, they don’t even worry about the future effect on leftism.

  1. Lol who are they trying to fool? The stink will give them away.This is why i hate all muslims beard of not makes no odds,and as for them pretending to be christians they won’t mind eating a bacon sandwich then! You know what annoys me the most about this vermin,they seem to think we are as backward as them lol retards!

  2. Oh and i hate the left too,treasonous scum should be dealt with as a muslim as they love them so much,middle class idiots,had more than one fight with then.:)

  3. Well said Italo, we do indeed think for the future. The left wing useless liberals are human drones incapable of independent thought. Msm usually do the thinking for them. To me they are more dangerous than beard shaving Muslims. They are the Trojan horse traitors. I will never defend one when the time comes. The stench?! Hahaha, good one comrade. I needed that. Well the stench and their fanaticism can’t be supressed when they see fags walking the streets and try to cut their heads off. Good luck hiding parasites. If you don’t like Christians don’t come to our lands and fight for yours fucking cowards! Go back to your shit countries once the dust settles before our ancient grudge awakens…

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