5 comments on “Weeping by the KKE: The Ukrainians ‘modernized’ a Statue of Lenin… They Converted It Into Darth Vader!

  1. Lenin is sort of unimportant these days and a distant memory. I did not read any of his writings or books. But I was forced to read “The Authoritarian Personality” by Theodor Adorno and “The One-Dimensional Man” by Herbert Marcuse in a philosophy class in an American college. Marcuse and Adorno are more important these days than Lenin. And also, Herbert Marcuse did predict in the book “One Dimensional Man” that there would be no classes and no sense of nationhood in the Western consumer society, that were constructed by the 1960s. There is no proletariat in a consumer society. Everybody is a consumer one way of another. Marcuse asserted that a consumer society would make everyone mentally the same, because people would start to follow their own materialistic and hedonistic desires, created by the mass media. Society of mass consumption controls the mind of every individual one way or another through public relations (Edward Bernays also predicted this). Bernays and Marcuse predicted that mankind in the consumer society would become a slave of their own desires, and these desires would be highly manipulated by the media. It seems that what Marcuse was more accurate in his predictions than Lenin ever was. Marcuse was excellent where he predicted societies which would be nominally democratic, but a few media moguls would dominate mass perceptions of freedom by only allowing a few choices to buy for happiness. Consumers shall work more in an irrational manner by working more and more to buy something they don’t need. Marcuse was even more of a genius when he predicted formation of managed, guided, controlled democracies. More importantly Marcuse predicted that “perception of freedom shall become a mighty instrument of domination. Free elections of owners shall not abolish the slaveowners and the slaves.” Lenin is old and outdated, but Marcuse and Adorno were excellent predictors of the future.

  2. Prior to 1917, Odessa was a very Jewish city and a major center of Ashkenazi Jewish culture in the world. At least this is what the major encyclopedias say about this city. One of the founders of the revisionist zionist movement, Vladimir Zhabotinsky, was born there. The center for sephardic jewish culture in Europe was Salonika, the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”. At the same the largest ashkenazi jewish population centers in Europe were Warsaw and Odessa. In 1897, Odessa had 125 thousand Jews in a city of 400 thousand. In 1912, Odessa had 219 thousand Jews in a population of 500 thousand. The Jewish population of this city dropped significantly during World War II, from about 200 thousand in 1939 to about 108 thousand by the 1950. Later Jews from this city emigrated to Israel en masse in the 1970s and so by 2001 there were only 12 thousand Jews left.

  3. Good comment.

    Less well-known is that prior to the 19th century, Odessa was a Greek city. The Greeks had tightly organized commercial activities and conducted a lot of trade between the Russian and Ottoman Empires. But the Jews knew that to dominate the trade, they had to dominate the city. Jews moved in and of course, being “kolos kai vraiki” with the Turks they gained more and more of the trade. The Jews of course claim that the Greeks then instigated “pogroms” agains them, but like most of the Russian “pogroms” these are largely mythical. What did happen was essentially gang violence, perpetrated by both Greeks and Jews, but in the end, the city had very few Greeks and was overwhelmingly Jewish. So who really perpetrated a “pogrom.”

    • This was not the only city in Europe with a very high Jewish population and economically dominated by Jews. The city with the largest Jewish population in Europe was Warsaw, with some 337 thousand Ashkenazi Jews living inside in the beginning of the 20th century. Another Jewish-dominated city was Vienna, in what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Vienna, there were some 200 thousand Jews in a city of 2 million and they boast on wikipedia they Jews completely dominated the economy in Vienna around 1910 and majority of businessmen and merchants in Vienna were Ashkenazi Jews. Vienna was the most Jewish-populated city in the German-speaking world at that time. Budapest had some 215 thousand Jews and they made up 23% of Budapest’s population. It was called “Judapest” or “Jewish Mecca” jokingly at that time by local Hungarians. Another very Jewish city was Salonika. Salonika was a Jewish enclave in the midst of Greek lands. In Greek Macedonia, Greeks made up 60% of the population around the year 1880, but in the city of Salonika, it was the Jews who were in the plurality. There were 60 thousand Jews in Salonika and for centuries there were more Jews in that city than Greeks or anyone else.

  4. Isn’t China still communist today?!
    What exactly is the strict “secretive” regime called “laiki dimokratia” of China?
    I don’t think that communism is that bankrupted and dead today as many say, maybe it is generally the old style, what it truly is is disguised.

    The EU is the modern disguise of the old communist style of ruling united countries and regions. When I read the paragraph with the title “we support communism” (we= the Jews in Europe) of the protocols of the elders of Zion, I don’t really see at the core and very essense of the idea of ruling goyim politically, socially and of course..financially, that much of a great meaningful difference between what Soviet Union was and tried to do, and what Tue European union is and aims to do, with the only exception of the non European immigration of course, the “Kalergi plan”, which is new.

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