3 comments on “Remembering the 28th of October. Day of National Resistance.

  1. It is completely laughable to see people who are celebrating this national holiday while attempting to forget that it was Metaxas who was the reason for it. Some even went so far as to admit Metaxas’s involvement but claiming that it was somehow a “no” from all Greeks (leftists included) against fascism! It is a truly incredible degree of mental gymnastics. Its even more funny though when you bring forth the indisputable facts and watch them squirm.

    • The Marxists experience cognitive dissonance when they see these kinds of videos because they think all “Fascists” are evil, old, white men who hate the environment, only like money, despise the poor, etc.

  2. 28th October was also important day for us. Our nation proclaimed independence from tyrant Austria-Hungary. The Habsburgs wanted to wipe our culture out from the world and germanize us, but they weren’t succesful. The First Republic under our president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was golden age of our nation.

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