10 comments on “Golden Dawn to the Vice President of the European Commission: “You are Usurers, Financial Criminals and Unwelcome in Greece”

  1. The other parties are doing the equivalent of letting a violent drug dealer in their home and Golden Dawn seems to be the only party that is standing up and saying “You know, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

    And then we have people like Tasia Christodoulopoulou. Thankfully with the notable exception of Sweden, most European countries have yet to be taken over completely by cultural marxism but even so, the signs are there and she is one example of this. Her mind has been completely replaced by an insane degree of multicultural belief and that is what architects of the unholy union wish to be the future of Europe.

    And if I may ask, does anyone know her origins? There just is something about her face. I am not talking about her old age either. I have known many elderly Greek women and they do not look like that. There is this sort of sickly insanity in her face and eyes. One of “god’s chosen” perhaps?

    • The sooner the EU is dissolved, the sooner Europe will be free from the Zionist/Jewish strangle hold. It still amazes me how some Europeans are still welcoming the “invaders” with open arms, meanwhile at the same time many Europeans are kicked out of their homes onto the street with their young children. This whole situation is completely insane and unsustainable.

      I believe there’s some truth in your comment about her facial features, because she definitely does not look like any Greek that I know. She’s probably a Crypto Jew, they’re good at that and they can blend in, and disguise themselves very well within the host nation. What’s interesting is Israel is strictly only for Jews. They don’t even like black Jews from Ethiopia, but it’s okay for the Zionist/Jews to destroy all our sovereign European nations with mass immigration.

      Clearly this is an undeclared war to destroy European culture, European Identity, and European Traditions. Sadly, some Europeans still just don’t get it, and they love to use the term “racist” like the programmed parrots they are. Jews have actually 2 homelands, Israel, and Jewish Autonomous Oblast, because 1 homeland isn’t enough for them.

      Unless Europeans break free from their Zionist/Jewish chains this situation will only become worse.
      I do see some light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train). Many Europeans are uniting in this struggle to ensure our existence and a future for our children. Plain and simple “racist” is a code word for anti-white, “diversity” is a code word for white genocide.

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  3. The Greeks following Putin’s example and standing against the elitist Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic multicultural theft, subterfuge, subversion, supplanting, treason, and genocide of white christian nations???

  4. Yes. She is originally from Third Earth, but was last seen helping evil aliens invade New Thundera.
    Looks like he/she is at it again.

  5. Amazing. Without stuttering or reading a prepare text. He speaks from the heart and addresses issues others wouldn’t dare. God bless you Ilia. At this point we should all be offended that these demons even come to Greece and other countries they plan to destroy. They are not welcomed. F*ck them, usury, and diversity! It only means – no place can be too white. Isn’t China too Chinese? Africa too black? Or my personal favorite… Israel too Israeli? I think they need more diversity too. It will “enrich” them like they put it. It’s not even a covert slow kill anymore. Its out in the open. Unreal how obedient people have become.

  6. It’s time for a regime change in greece, and to eradicate the socialists conservative oligarch criminals. Also the illegal scums

  7. When will there be an Orthodox revolution? The ideology of the migrants is a HERESY and these migrants are parasites come to rape Greek women and cut off the heads of Greek children. Russia has shown what Orthodox power can do.

    And now we see that Poland has moved to the right, when will the Greeks follow?

  8. God Bless Ilias Kasidiaris and the rest of Golden Dawn. I have always loved Kasidiaris because he is great at giving Nationalism a fresh look. He speaks with such eloquence and sincerity, as to completely legitimatize Social Nationalism.

    Next time some libtard or Zionist says all Nationalists are Hollywood Nazis, then show them this speech.

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