3 comments on “Lampros Fountoulis: They’re Covering for the Murderers of My Child

  1. Arresting an entire political party on trumped up accusations (and on the order of an opposing political party no less) in mere days? Pfft, no problem.

    Arresting a couple of Anarchists in a clearly premeditated and politically motivated murder that a left wing terror group openly and proudly took credit for days after the attack? Nah sorry bro can’t help you now but we will get to it eventually.

    Unfortunately Mr. Fountoulis, these so called “antifascist” and “anarchist” groups have been known to be tools of the government for decades. Arresting them may set a precedent in which justice may actually be brought into effect for these criminals. And if that happens, how will the spoiled children of rich politicians play at being revolutionaries?

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