7 comments on “Filis Glorified by the Turkish Papers – Front Pages Celebrating in Support of SYRIZA’s National Traitor!

    • Mano, dont listen to Kon, he is a mentally unstable Greek-Canadian who makes all kinds of claims with no evidence to back them up.

      The bulk majority of Pontians live in Macedonia, and most areas of Macedonia, vote for New Democracy. That isn’t to say no Pontians voted for Syriza, or there are no pontians are in Syriza. But the statement that most pontians voted for Syriza is just a lie. Of course, voting for New Democracy is also stupid, yet they do try to appeal to “conservative” Greeks with their rhetoric.

      Kon is blocked from posting here, because he made other false statements in the past, and refused to supply any evidence for his sources.

  1. I hope your right , because many ponti in Australia are pissed off with pousti tsipras and that other scumbag mp fillis poofter turko.

    I hope GD takes this issue to court. Even Ivan Saavides (paok president) has had a gut full of these Syriza scumbags.

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