5 comments on “SHARE THIS: Documentary of Invasion in Europe

  1. i can’t believe this video . White Europeans cheering these animals in their country .
    These homosexual s who are cheering will pay with their lives .
    Europe will not fall. Every white European must be ready for the call of resurrection.
    People wake up these animals who are flooding Europe will not leave instead they must be thrown out by force .
    F-them white Europe belongs to white European s. Don’t say you believe this stand up and fight!

  2. Time for tsipras and Syriza to be overthrown and establish of military junta in Greece, and to hell with Europe and America. That will be Greece’s saviour. One race, one culture and one identity.

  3. It was too painful and heartbreaking for me to watch the entire thing. God Bless you Ed, George, and the rest of Golden Dawn for standing up to this nonsense.

  4. I know its hard to watch the video, but its our reality and we cannot simply put our heads in the sand.

    Its time for the Crusades again.

    Remember, your religion is YOUR people and YOUR blood.

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