3 comments on “TERRORIST ORGANIZATION SYRIZA: Direct Cooperation with the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei – Dialogue Exposes Tsipras Gang!

  1. The worst part about all this is that more then likely nothing will become of it. Especially considering that nothing has been done about the murderers of Manos and Giorgos 2 years later, it should not be a shock if this does not make it into the news.

  2. You are correct once again anastais.
    As soon as GD come to power im sure all these traitors will probably disappear overseas to escape justice.
    If they do a secret police unit should be formed to hunt them down and taken back to Greece by any means possible.Then they must face justice,asstets stripped then put in a very dark place for life to let them contemplate what they have done
    A long suffering for them all .

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