18 comments on “Muslims or “Middlemen”?: A Guide for Nationalists

  1. This is an excellent wonderful and very intelligent article. However, one small note. Muslims in general do not really have a concept of race, and don’t see themselves as a race. Muslims can be of different races and ethnicities: Bosniaks, Albanians, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Arabs, Berbers, Black Africans, Afghans, Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Uighurs and so on. Persians and Kurds belong to the Indo-European group. Arabs and Berbers are Semitic. Bosniaks and Albanians are white. Bosniaks especially used to be Christian Slavs in the Middle Ages. They were either Serbs or Croats before they were converted, some willingly, some by force. Uzbeks and Uighurs are Asian and belong to the yellow race. Black Nigerians are muslims and negroes. Muslims are not very modern, so they have this strange concept of an ummah, which is like community of all believers in Islam. But even that does not include all muslims in the interpretations of many islamists. For islamists, shiite muslims or various sects of islam are not part of “the ummah”. Also islamists do not refer to white europeans as whites when they attack, they typically like to call all whites medieval terms such as “infidel” and “crusader”.

  2. Does Golden Dawn have a database where non-Golden Dawn members can report traitors to the white race?

    Excellent job on your article George. I have forwarded the link to other people.

  3. Fantastic article. This has really opened my eyes on the subject of “middlemen” and how key they are in the destruction of Europe. I realized before that Jews and Muslims were factors in this, but after reading this article and reflecting on it, I realize now that these middlemen have a very big role in this.

    The article is especially correct with bogus “far-right” parties, for example Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and the “Independent Greeks” (Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες/ANEL). Often times such parties try to go for “moderate”-looking solutions such as “limiting immigration” and hardly deporting anyone, rather than halting immigration and deporting all illegal immigrants and returning non-Europeans back to their homelands. The article is correct in that these are simply controlled parties that serve the same masters as the other parties do. (Something else I must point out, the CSU has an “open border” policy in Germany yet they call themselves “conservatives.” Imagine if the Republican party in the USA called for open borders!)

    The article is absolutely correct with middleman motives. Wealth, power, and a way to pass it on to their family, yet these middlemen call themselves “humanitarians” when they are the most selfish people involved in this. It’s sad how they’ve been corrupted like that, by greed and lust for power. They are willing to sacrifice everything their ancestors have worked for, to sacrifice Europe’s future just to line their own pockets and feel important, (or perhaps to comply with blackmail as well). They truly are sociopaths.

    These middlemen are enemies of Europe, even if they may be white. I do wonder how they became so corrupted, why they would surrender everything that makes them European to pursue wealth and power. Is it genetics, are they genetically predisposed to be like this, to be more susceptible to this? Is this due to conditioning carried out by the media and education systems? Combination of both, perhaps?

    Anyway, excellent article. I sincerely wish Golden Dawn and other nationalists victory in the near future.

  4. A very long article but a good one. Understand that I do not say this as a bad thing. Normally, I am indeed of the opinion that short but truthful words are the best but sometimes for more technical things such as this, you really need to cover all the bases thoroughly and clearly. And it is with that that I will get to my point, primarily on the so called “far right parties.”

    People need to understand that most things on the political right from the “conservatives” to many of the self proclaimed nationalist groups are little more then opportunists. For example I absolutely cringe when people sing Viktor Orban praise after he started enforcing the Hungarian border. What people failed to understand is that Orban is not expressing genuine nationalism but rather simply following the current political climate, as effectively all conservatives do. The country he is in, Hungary, only so happens to be arguably the most nationalistic and awoken of the European nations. But if you were to transplant him to another country like say Sweden, he would be at the forefront begging for Muslim migrants to “enrich” his people. And all this is done to try to take the thunder from genuine nationalists such as (in this case) Jobbik.

    You go to National Front and it is a similar phenomenon. We are looking at a “nationalist party” that has allowed Muslims, homosexuals, and even goddamn Jews into its ranks without even blinking. And as the article above states, do not believe for a second that it will change its ways when and if it comes to power. Marine Le Pen usurped the leadership from her father Jean Marie Le Pen (who himself was an actual French nationalist) and proceeded to kick him out of the party he founded. What is now her party is at best an arguable step in the right direction. But that just is not enough anymore. France currently has the largest population of Kebabs and while Germany and Sweden may soon be contesting that title, simply saying you will be slowing down on the consumption of rat poison doesn’t help all that much when you have already downed half a bottle.

    Suffice to say that in my opinion, conservatives and pseudo nationalists are if anything more dangerous then the left. With the political left, they are at least pretty clearly trying to destroy the native peoples of their homeland and are, if nothing else, often honest about their goals. But these groups on the right claim to fight for the nation and trick well meaning people to vote for them all while acting on the interest of a certain outside group.

    • Exactly. Some politicians are changing their tune slightly just so that they can stay in power. They are not genuine nationalists in the slightest.

  5. On the note of activism, it should be noted that many nationalists on the net have utilized trolling to amazing effect. As the narrative and the ideology of the cultural marxists becomes increasingly insane, it becomes all the easier to infiltrate and distort their message.

    Just as a recent example, the University of Mississippi has become the epicenter of a “race issue” that has left the bounds of reality and entered the realm of absurdity, with many of the supposed “racist events” lacking any sort of evidence. And at one point a rumor spread that the KKK (an organisation that is mostly irrelevant nowadays) would appear on the campus. But many nationalists, rather then try to ignore or even discourage the rumors, not only supported it ironically but even inserted their own false narratives and news stories claiming that indeed the bogeyman of the KKK were coming to terrorize blacks. And many blacks on twitter believed it and retweeted it, further undermining their cause and making them look even more like idiots then they already did!

    Here Ramzpaul explains it pretty well. His brief words on trolling start at around the four minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiEpqGLma9M

  6. Thank you for taking the time to write this very well written article. It was a big read but we are all facing big problems in all our nations where Europeans live, so the length is appropriate. This article gets directly to the point and makes it much easier for Nationalists to understand the current issues we all face. I have sent this article all over the world to Nationalists as it will help all of us in our struggle for freedom. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

  7. Good article! We have almost the same ‘visit Turkey’ adverts here in Finland.. Many Finns go to Turkey because it is cheap but also many come back telling how they got food poisonings and also crappy treatment at the Hospital.. I always say what do you expect of a muslim country..

    My country is badly invaded by the muslim invasion, even our small town/ village. We have to move because our daughters get too much attension from these islamists. My villagers tried to prevent the refugee centre coming here and so did the town’s Council and the leader. Our Gov sold us out totally..

    I want to thank here our Brothers of ELAM ! We had a great holiday in Cyprus. Only in total unity we can win!!

    Hail Golden Dawn, Hail ELAM !!!

  8. Brilliant article…yes too many of our fellow european brothers and sisters are traitors…personally I would add in there europeans who are in inter racial unions with non europeans…they have deliberately spat in the face of their ancestry to justify their perverted lusts…the irony is they always bring their black/yellow etc ‘lover’ into european communities…Why? what hypocrisy and I am sick of it!!

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