5 comments on “Nikolaos Michaloliakos: The Farmers are the Lifeblood of Greece

  1. Dont worry.The multi national scum will import their tasteless rubbish produce.
    They have no use for Greek owned farms anyway.
    The 6 month old refrigerated and gassed produce is so deliciouse.Yummy, wait till you try it.
    Sarc 100+.

  2. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    Same here in Ireland. Our farmers are being screwed too. I know some who own cattle & grow vegetables. How they make money is beyond me. They sell to these big dirtbag multinationals like Tesco for very little. And they work damned hard for what little they get. Would you like to be out there in all weathers at all times of day and night?

    • Not much difference in Oz.
      Many farmers have lost their farms or commited suicide due to the pressure.The big supermarkets are not paying them a fair price.
      My cousin also lost his farm due to cheap imports.
      Coincidence.I dont think so.
      A sick global plan in full swing

      • Yes and once Monsanto gets its claws into your farming sector that’s it. They’re destroying American farming with their gmo seeds. Once you buy their seed they own you. Plus any crop found to have crossbred after it blew in the wind is then theirs. Farmers in America that farm next to Monsanto crops have been ruined because of this. It’s terrible what these bastards are doing. By the way Monsanto are Jews, they made their money in the slave trade hundreds of years ago, figures.

  3. Well is it just me or is GD as a stalemate? when will this change? when will the movement take the defining steps to really bring its voice to the greek people.. that gd is the answer and the message that needs to be made is to vote vote vote, dont back out but vote. i heard gd has a low turn out.. how will this all change for the better? your movement is the inspiration for us all and i cant stand to see it in this stalemate..

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