5 comments on “Putin Opens War with the Turks: “We were stabbed in the back. No tolerance for partners of jihadists!”

  1. Turkey has been angling to re-Ottomanize the Aegean and surrounding region since the AKP Islamists took power a decade ago. They have, with the full complicity of the Erdogan government, been flooding Greece with immigrants, first across the Evros, then across the adjacent islands into Europe. The Islamic invasion of Europe is not happenstance. it is the concerted program of the Islamic countries of the GCC and Turkey with the full complicity and treachery of the left-liberal parties of Europe holding open the gate – (also add the empiric parties of the US to the equation).

    This may be THE “Ferdinand moment” – the Sarajevo for the next war and the turning point for the corporate monarchies of Europe.

  2. It is long past time to reconstitute Christendom. Constantinople is OUR city. These swarthy thieves stole it. Have not the Slavic, Romance, and Greek people been bound together for eternity in defense of holy Orthodoxy? And now this regime in Anatolia aids the butchers of the Caliphate? How much longer will we be restrained by the pathetic west!

  3. May Putin destroy the turk scum like rats! The towel head turk will pay for their actions and be left to fend for themselves .
    Now the real fun will start ! Everybody better start stock piling food because things may start getting real nasty !

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