7 comments on “Tsipras Bowed to the Zionist State – He Never Honored The millions of Victims of Pontian Hellenism

  1. IMO, Tsipras is a whore of the international Judeo-plutocracy, pure and simple. He bows and scrapes before his kosher masters while he permits his Overlords to loot Greece and commit genocide against the Greek people. He’s a pampered quisling who will be put on trial for treason when the tables turn.

  2. Pontus is a region in Eastern Anatolia, it is now primarily populated by Turks, Kurds, Zazas and Georgians. I was told in an American University that Pontus was a multiethnic region prior to World War I, it had large Armenian population, which got massacred by the Young Turk Party government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918. But I never heard much of the Greeks there. I later found out that there was a substantial Greek population in the Trebizond Province of Ottoman Empire of about 350 thousand. But the Greeks in the Ottoman Empire were concentrated in Eastern Thrace and Western Anatolia (Adrianople, Constantinople, Aydin, Hudavendigar, Ismit Ottoman Provinces) prior to the disastrous massacres of World War I by the Young Turk Party government. But it is morally wrong for Mr. Tsipras to show more concern about a foreign people such as Jews who supposedly suffered, than caring and being concerned and respectful about the suffering of his own ethnic Greeks, which underwent a disaster and humanitarian catastrophe in the late Ottoman period. People such as Ismail Enver Pasha, Mehmet Ali Talat Pasha and Djemal Pasha were genocidal beasts too, who wanted Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians to vanish from their indigenous lands. They ordered murders of Greeks and Armenians in the most cruel ways, there are pictures of the atrocities their forces have committed with their mountains of skulls. Mr. Alexis Tsipras should at least know and understand that. Even from the standpoint of a multicultural leftist, Tsipras should condemn actions of the Committee for Union and Progress (Young Turk Party) as genocidal and forever morally reprehensible for all times and show a moment of respect and sorrow for ethnic Greeks who perished from the hands of that evil government. After all, it was the Young Turk Party, who in fact destroyed the ottoman multiethnic society with their violent turkish xenophobic and chauvinistic policies, which were aimed at annihilation of the Ottoman Empire’s indigenous religious and ethnic minorities.

    • The Young Turk leaders were nearly all crypto Jews. The entire movement was a Jewish led one from the start much like the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

      This is the reason the name “The Young Turks” was chosen for the Mossad operated fake “Alternative” online media outlet in the West targetting the dumb naive Goyim. The Jews are laughing at the stupidity of the Goyim, they’re literally recycling the same ideas over and over again even going as far as using the same names for their operations and the dumbed down morons eat it right up with a smile on their face while attacking anyone who tries waking them up from their pathetic slumber.

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