7 comments on “VIDEO: NATO and US Allies say that only Turks have the right to defend their airspace.

  1. vladamir zhronsky was correct to say that Russia must drop a nuke over instabul. A Russia nuke should also be dropped at Brussels the hq of eu,nato.

    • Zhirinovski-Edelstein is a half-jew. He is also a clown in Russian politics, saying ridiculous things which are bad PR for Russia. Like when he said Russia should take the Baltics back.

  2. That is the “quality” of their so called “democracy” of their so valued “human” rights.

    Only hypocricy and destruction are the works of the zionist controlled US….

  3. Hey 1984,, where were all the so called European nationalists when Serbia was being bombed? Zhronovski was in Serbia and giving support to the Serbian people. Zhronsky is a true patriot. As for the baltics, zhronsky is correct to say bomb the hell out of the baltics, they are bunch of whores for Americans.

  4. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    The hypocrisy of the west knows no bounds. Recently Cameron talked about how Russian air strikes were going to cause more terrorism. The West has been bombing the Middle East for decades, it’s unbelievable the neck of these guys.

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