4 comments on “VIDEO: Lampros Fountoulis Towards Europe: The Policy of Open Borders Had a Boomerang Effect

  1. Near the end of the video he states that “whoever is a refugee and meets the UN’s criteria, of course Europe should do her duty.”

    Is he crazy? It’s not Europe’s “duty” to accept refugees, because even the ones that are qualified as refugees still cause problems for Europe, as every nationalist knows. What he’s saying seems more in line with “euroskeptics” like AfD.

    • If these people are legitimate refugees, they wouldnt have come to Greece illegally in the first place now would they? He is referring to real refugees, of which there are not many at all, and even so giving someone status as a refugee does not grant them citizenship or papers to live indefinitely in another country. Any “refugee” that came across the Greek border from Turkey is obviously not a refugee, because they under the law need to prove why they left a safe zone in Turkey, and they cannot prove that. At least by the letter of the law, it is merkel and the EU who just ignored the rules.

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