5 comments on “Putin and the Polarized Future of Society.

  1. Thank God for Putin’s Russia. We nationalists have a powerful European ally to serve as a bulwark against total Zionist global domination. Putin recently endorsed Trump. With both these men in power we may be able to save the West.

  2. This is exactly why I hate the term ‘right wing’ & refuse to associate myself with that term. Right wing are cuckservatives like closet case Alan Jones, Jeb Bush, Malcom Turnball, David Cameron or other losers who stand for nothing. These people fight for the exact same thing as the modern left (case in point; socialist party in France withdrawing candidates from regional elections & telling voters to prop the conservatives in order to block Le Pen).

    Likewise, I don’t really consider Stalin era communism, modern North Korea or China to be ‘far left’ by any real sense of the word. Probably Castro’s Cuba as well. The entire ‘left’ vs ‘right’ dichotomy has been dead for some time. I consider fascism to be neither left or right, I guess it’s Roberto Fiore’s 3rd positionism.

    It’s pretty much a coalition of crony capitalists, social democrats, liberals, conservatives, Marxists vs Putin & his allies. Although Putin’s not perfect, I know whose side I stand on.

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