5 comments on “Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Sound the Bells Mournfully Across the Country! Fatherland-Religion-Family!

  1. Excellent im so proud that my country stands up against homeosexual and feminist tyranny. Make them stand and say there fathers family name while they vote to support gays and lesbians in a time when there are old Greek ladies and gentlemen who are hungry and uncomfritable. They should be ashamed of were they put there efforts in such demanding times. Im proud that there is a man to stand up for those of us who are straight good and right people, wanting families in a normal orthodox country. God bless you Mr. Michaloliakos your work is the best in Greece. May the Greek Dream live forever. IM GOING TO GET MY FLAG OUT!!!

  2. I’m so proud to be Greek . It’s an honor and privilege to be Greek. In order to save our Fatherland we must all sacrifice. Honor our beloved Church , family and our Hellenic way of life.
    One leader ,one fatherland ,one people!

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